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Thunder names and what they mean, for thunder, thor for men. Here is the list of Thunder names for girls. Adoption of these boy names was at its peak during the years 1940-1949 and is almost as widespread today, but with names like Terrell, Alvis, Thurman and Arthur becoming less fashionable. Raiden (#479) and Soren (#640) are two of the more chic boy names here.

Alvis - Farren

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Alvis 1 .. .. love with the daughter of Thor .. Alvis is scarcely used as a first name, and it occurs commonly (Top 10%) as a last name in the US Census. See also Albis. [Alvise, Alviss, Alwyss, .. 1 more]

Arthur 2 .. .. German name meaning "Thor, the eagle" .. Arthur is a recognizable (Top 4%) masculine name, appearing commonly (Top 1%) as a last name according to the US Census. The variation Arther is familiar as a variant form of this name. [Aart, Art, Arte, Arthor, Artie, .. 12 more]

Faramond 3 .. .. Gaelic personal name possibly meaning "thunder". A birth name which is not usually used. [Faramund, Farrimund, Pharamund, .. 2 more]

Faron 4 .. .. which might mean "thunder". Also possibly .. Somewhat unique as a baby name, Faron is used more frequently as a surname. See also Daron. [Farin, Farrin, Farron, .. 2 more]

Farren 5 .. .. which might mean "thunder". Also possibly .. Also suitable as a girls' name. Farren is irregularly used as a men's name, and it occurs regularly (Top 15%) as a surname in the US Census. [Farran, Farron, Ferron, .. 2 more]

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[Alvis - Farren]
Alvis [Alwis, Alvise, Alviss, Alwyss], Arthur [Arty, Arto, Artro, Artor, Artur, Artus, Arturo, Artturi, ..], Faramond [Faramund, Farrimond, Farrimund, Pharamond, Pharamund], Faron [Faro, Farin, Farren, Farrin, Farron], Farren [Farran, Farrin, Farron, Ferrin, Ferron]

[Rai - Torry]
Rai, Raiden, Soren, Taran [Taren], Tarleton, Tarrant [Tarrent], Terrell [Terryl, Tyrell, Terryal, Terrill, Terryll, Tyrrell, Tirrell, Terrelle, ..], Thor [Tor, Tore, Torre, Tyrus, Thorin, Thorian, Thorvald, Thorsson], Thorald [Tyrell, Torald, Terrell, Thorold, Terrill], Thorbert [Torbert], Thorburn [Thorbern, Thorbjorn], Thorley, Thormond [Thurman, Thurmond, Thurmund], Thurlow [Thurloe], Thurman [Thurmon], Thurston [Torston, Torsten, Thorsten, Thorstan, Thurstan, Thursten, Thorstein, Thurstain], Tor [Thor], Torger, Torquil [Torkel, Torkill, Thorkel, Thirkell], Torry [Torry, Torey, Torrie, Torrey]