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Names of Turkish origin, for turkish, turkey for men. Usage of these boy names was at its peak in 2013 and it has remained as widespread to this day.

Anatole - Euphrates

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Anatole 1 .. Anatolia is a region of Turkey, east of Greece .. A birth name for boys which is seldom used. [Anatol, Anatolio, Antal, Antole, Antoly, .. 3 more]

Antioco 2 .. Antioch is a city in what is now Turkey that was a center of Christianity from around 300 AD until the 18th century. Antioco is uncommonly used as a first name. [Antioch, Antiochus, .. 1 more]

Aslan 3 .. "Lion." A birth name for boys which is seldom used. See also Ashlin. From "arsaelan" ..

Ender 4 .. "Very rare." A given name which is rarely used, Ender is found more conventionally as a surname. See also Elder.

Euphrates 5 .. "Great river." A given name for boys which is seldom used. Name of the river that flows through Asia Minor .. [Eufrates]

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[Anatole - Euphrates]
Anatole [Antal, Antol, Antole, Antoly, Anatol, Antolle, Anatoly, Anatolio], Antioco [Antioch, Antiochos, Antiochus], Aslan, Ender, Euphrates [Eufrates]

[Kerem - Turk]
Kerem, Khanh [Khan], Mustafa [Mustapha], Sulayman [Sulaiman, Suleiman, Suleyman], Tabib [Tabeeb], Turk [Turck]