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Names of Turkish origin, for turkish, turkey for men. Adoption of these boy names was at its peak in the year 2013 (usage of 0.0092%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.0076%, down 16.8%).

Anatole - Turk

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Anatole 1 .. .. a region of Turkey, east of .. Antolle and variants are hardly found as given names. [Anatol, Anatoly, Antol, Antole, .. 4 more]

Antioco 2 .. .. what is now Turkey that was .. A rare baby name. [Antioch, Antiochus, .. 1 more]

Aslan 3 .. "Lion." Outside Top 1000. See also Ashlyn. From "arsaelan" ..

Ender 4 .. "Very rare." Ender is uncommon as a birth name. See also Eder.

Euphrates 5 .. "Great river." Outside Top 1000. Name of the river that flows .. [Eufrates]

Kerem 6 .. "Vineyard; noble, generous, fair." Kerem was not a Top birth name in 2014. See also Karam. The name is mentioned in Arabic ..

Khanh 7 .. "Prince." Khanh and Khan are rarely adopted as baby names. Title used by central Asian tribal .. [Khan]

Mustafa 8 .. .. name of a Turkish general who .. Mustafa is common as a variant form. [Mustapha]

Sulayman 9 .. The Turkish sultan Suleiman the Magnificent .. Sulayman, Suleyman, etc. are not in the Top 1000. [Sulaiman, Suleiman, .. 1 more]

Tabib 10 .. "Doctor." Common as surnames, and Tabib (upper 94%), Tabeeb are similar to common last names Tabibi (upper 93%), Tabin (43%), which also begin with Ta-. [Tabeeb]

Turk 11 .. Origin fr. English. "From Turkey." Unusual. Turk (cf. Berk, Mark) ends with the popular masculine -rk. [Turck]

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Anatole - Turk
Anatole [8], Antioco [3], Aslan, Ender, Euphrates [1], Kerem, Khanh [1], Mustafa [1], Sulayman [3], Tabib [1], Turk [1]