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Aeson - Draven

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Aeson 1 .. Unknown meaning .. A given name which is rarely used. See also Anson.

Asen 2 .. Meaning unknown .. Not consistently used as a given name, existing more frequently as a last name. See also Aeson.

Darion 3 .. Of unknown origin, Darien has poetic significance .. Usage of Darion for boys has decreased over time. Both a masculine and a feminine name. The forms Darrien and Darian are common as variations of Darion. [Darian, Darrian, Darrion, .. 2 more]

Declan 4 .. From Deaglán, which is of unknown meaning .. The name Declan has risen in popularity as a given name over time.

Draven 5 Invented name from a surname of unknown meaning which was used in the movie "The Crow" (1994). In favor as a name for boys. See also Craven.

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[Aeson - Draven]
Aeson, Asen, Darion [Darian, Darien, Darrian, Darrien, Darrion], Declan, Draven

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Vere, Wilbur [Wilber, Willbur]