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Victory names

Victory names and what they mean, for victory, conquest, victorious.

These boy names reached the top of their popularity during the years 1970-1979 (usage of 0.2358%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.1391%, down 41%), with names like Lawrence, Nick, Norman, Tracy and Vernon becoming somewhat outmoded. Colin (#140), Darius (#473), Trenton (#305) and Troy (#274) are four of the more trendy names for newborns among these, with Colin going through a revival in popularity. Colen (top 18%) and Carro (17%) are popular surnames.

Here is the list of Victory names for girls.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Victory names: Alfred, Archibald, Bernard, Colin, Darius, Edward

Alfred 1 .. .. before the Norman Conquest of Britain .. Alflen (upper 53%) is a popular surname similar to Alfredo (upper 31%), var.. [Ahlfred, Alf, Alfre, Alfrey, Alfy, Avery, Fred, Freddy, .. 13 more]

Archibald 2 .. .. with the Norman Conquest, and popular .. Archibold and forms grew in popularity during 1880-1889 and are less popular today, with Arch, Archibald and Archie becoming less fashionable. [Arch, Archibaldo, Archibold, Archimbaldo, .. 9 more]

Atahualpa 3 .. .. before the Spanish conquest of the .. Outside Top 1000.

Barack 4 .. .. Deborah to win victory in a .. Barack, Barak and Barrak are not often adopted as children's names. [Barak, .. 1 more]

Bernard 5 .. .. to England with the Norman Conquest .. A somewhat untypical birth name, Bernard is used more often as a surname. [Barnard, Barnhardo, Berend, Bernd, Berndt, Vernados, .. 18 more]

Britannicus 6 .. for his father's conquests in Britain .. Britannicus is not a Top 1000 name.

Cairo 7 .. From Arabic word. "Victorious." A rare birth name, Cairo exists more commonly as a last name. See also Chiro. Place name ..

Claus 8 .. Derived fr. German, Greek words. "People of victory." Claus, like the similar-sounding Klaas, occurs more often as a last name. Variant of Nicholas, representing a short .. [Claes, .. 2 more]

Colin 9 .. .. of Nicholas (Greek) "people of victory" .. Colin has become increasingly popular as a children's name since 1880-1889. [Cailean, Cole, .. 4 more]

Conan 10 .. .. some time after the Norman Conquest .. Connie is prevalent as a form of Conan. [Con, Connie, .. 2 more]

Cosgrove 11 .. Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Victorious champion." Not in popularity charts. [Cosgrave]

Coulson 12 .. Derivative of Greek language. "People of victory." Coulson and Colson were not Top birth names in 2014. Surname derived from Nicholas. [Colson]

Darius 13 .. .. Babylon after its conquest by Cyrus .. Darius, Dario and Darrius are prevalent as variations. [Darias, .. 6 more]

Ebenezer 14 .. .. critical battle and victory in Jewish .. Ebeneer, Ebenezerea and Ebenezerri are kreatif variations. [Eb, Ebbaneza, Ebenezar, Eveneser, .. 6 more]

Edward 15 .. .. of England since the Norman Conquest .. Adoption of Edward, Ned, etc. as baby names in 2014 was down 6.9% compared to 2004. [Duarte, Eadward, Eddy, Edoardo, Edouard, Eduardo, Edwards, Ewart, Ned, Teddy, .. 17 more]

Eustace 16 .. .. to Britain with the Norman conquest. Eustis and variants soared in popularity in the 1960s and have become less widespread, with Stacey becoming less trendy. [Estachio, Eustachios, Eustachius, Eustaquio, Eustashe, Eustatius, Eustiss, .. 7 more]

Fawzi 17 .. Stems fr. Arabic language. "Victory." Not in popularity charts. From fawz. [Fauzi, .. 1 more]

Firoz 18 .. From Arabic. "Victorious." Firoz and Firus are rarely used as masculine names. [Firus]

Garmon 19 .. .. achieve a bloodless victory over invading .. Not in popularity charts. See also Garman.

Ghalib 20 .. Derivative of Arabic. "Victorious." Ghalib was not among 2014's Top names.

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Summary of Victory names (and variants) for boys.

Alfred - Ghalib
Alfred [Fred, Avery, Fredo, Elfred, Freddy, Freddie, ..], Archibald [Archy, Baldie, Archimbald, Arquibaldo, Arquimbaldo, Archimbaldo, ..], Atahualpa, Barack [Barak, Barrak], Bernard [Bernt, Bernie, Bernis, Burnard, Vernados, Bernhardo, ..], Britannicus, Cairo, Claus [Klaus, Claes, Clause], Colin [Col, Cole, Colan, Colle, Colyn, Cailean], Conan [Con, Conn, Connie, Conant], Cosgrove [Cosgrave], Coulson [Colson], Darius [Dario, Derry, Dariess, Darrius, Derrius, Darious], Ebenezer [Ebenzer, Ebeneser, Eveneser, Ebenezar, Evenezer, Ebeneezer, ..], Edward [Ned, Ted, Lalo, Teddy, Neddie, Teddie, ..], Eustace [Eustis, Stacey, Eustiss, Eustazio, Eustatius, Jevstachi, ..], Fawzi [Fauzi, Fawziy], Firoz [Firus], Garmon, Ghalib

Hewett - Sigbjorn
Hewett [Hewet, Hewie, Hewitt, Hewlett, Hewlitt], Jaimini, Jay [Jeh, Jae, Jai, Jaye, Jayron, Jayronn], Kernaghan [Carnahan, Kernohan], Klaus [Klaas, Klaes], Lawrence [Lorin, Lorry, Loritz, Lorrenz, Lowrance, Lorrence, ..], Mansur [Mansoor, Mansour], Mead [Meed, Meade], Nels, Nicandro [Nikander, Nicandreo, Nikandreo, Nicandros, Nikandrios, Nicandrios], Nicholas [Nils, Nikos, Nilos, Nikolay, Nikolos, Nikolaus, ..], Nick [Niko, Nikko, Nikki, Nikos, Nixon, Nykko, ..], Nicodemus [Nikodim, Nikodema, Nicodemo, Nikodemus], Nicomedes [Nicomedo, Nikomedes], Nikostratos [Nicostrato, Nicostratos, Nicostratus], Norman [Norm, Normie, Normen, Normand, Normando], Olimpio [Olimpo, Olympio, Olympus, Olympios], Seward [Sewerd, Siward], Siegfried [Sigfred, Sigfrid, Sigfryd, Sigvard, Sygfried, Sigfried], Sigbjorn [Siegbjorn]

Sigmund - Zafar
Sigmund [Sigmond, Szymond, Zikmund, Zygmunt, Zsigmond, Sigismundus, ..], Signe [Signy], Sigwald [Siegwald], Sigurd, Tracy [Trace, Tracey, Treacy], Trenton [Trenten, Trentin], Troy [Troi, Troye], Vernon [Verne, Vernee, Vernen, Vernin, Verney, Vernard, ..], William [Wim, Willy, Wilmer, Wilmot, Wilson, Wilmott, ..], Zafar [Zaphar]