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Baby Names associated with Victory for Boys

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Victory names

Victory baby names and what they mean, for victory, supplants, conquest, victorious.

These boy names were at the top of their popularity during the years 1970-1979 (adoption of 0.26%) and are almost as common today (adoption 0.18%, 32.5%), but with names like Nels becoming less stylish. The more fashionable boy names in this list are Colin (#140), Diego (#129), Jacob (#4), Trenton (#305) and Troy (#274), with Colin, Diego and Jacob going through a revival in popularity. Daris (top 29%) and Colon (1%) are popular last names.

Here is the list of Victory names for girls.

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Page 1/4 of 70 Victory names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Victory names: Alfred, Archibald, Bernard, Colin, Darius

Alfred 1 .. .. before the Norman Conquest of Britain .. Listed in Top 1000. [Ahlfred, Alfie, Alfredo, Alfredos, Avery, Freddy, .. 16 more]

Archibald 2 .. .. with the Norman Conquest, and popular .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Arch, Archer, Archie, Archimbaldo, Baldie, .. 8 more]

Atahualpa 3 .. .. before the Spanish conquest of the .. Outside Top 1000.

Barack 4 .. .. Deborah to win victory in a .. Not in Top 1000. [Barak, .. 1 more]

Bernard 5 .. .. to England with the Norman Conquest .. Not in popularity charts. [Barnard, Barnie, Barny, Bernie, Bernis, Vernados, .. 18 more]

Britannicus 6 .. for his father's conquests in Britain .. Not Top 1000 name.

Cairo 7 .. From Arabic language. "Victorious." Not in Top 1000. See also Chiro. Place name ..

Claus 8 .. Source fr. German, Greek words. "People of victory." Not Top 1000 names. Variant of Nicholas, representing a short .. [Claes, Clause, .. 1 more]

Colin 9 .. .. of Nicholas (Greek) "people of victory" .. Colin (top 4%), like Cepin (top 46%), is a common -in suffix surname. [Cailean, Col, Colyn, .. 3 more]

Conan 10 .. .. some time after the Norman Conquest .. Caeonan, Cenan and Cinan are kreatif variations. [Con, .. 3 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Victory names: Diego, Edward

Cosgrove 11 .. From Irish, Gaelic word. "Victorious champion." Unusual, with the androgynous-sounding -ve suffix for Cosgrove, Cosgrave, like Cleve. [Cosgrave]

Coulson 12 .. Derived fr. Greek element. "People of victory." Colson and Coulson are uncommon as male names. Surname derived from Nicholas. [Colson]

Darius 13 .. .. Babylon after its conquest by Cyrus .. Darius (top 50%) and Dario (80%) are commonly occurring as male names. [Darias, Darrius, .. 5 more]

Diego 14 .. Derivative of Spanish, Hebrew words. "He who supplants." Widely used as boys' names, Diego and Dago are similar to the common Dax. Variant of James .. [Dago]

Ebenezer 15 .. .. critical battle and victory in Jewish .. Ebenezer, like the similar Ab, exists more often as a surname. [Eb, Ebenezar, Eveneser, Evenezer, .. 6 more]

Edward 16 .. .. of England since the Norman Conquest .. Somewhat common as boys' names, Ned, Edward, etc. are comparable to the common Jed. [Duarte, Eadbhard, Edik, Edison, Ekewaka, Neddie, Teddie, .. 20 more]

Eustace 17 .. .. to Britain with the Norman conquest. Somewhat frequently used as children's names, Stacey, Eustace, etc. are pronounced like the common Stacy. [Estachio, Eustashe, .. 12 more]

Fawzi 18 .. Based on Arabic element. "Victory." Not in popularity charts. From fawz. [Fauzi, .. 1 more]

Firoz 19 .. Source fr. Arabic language. "Victorious." A quirky children's name. [Firus]

Garmon 20 .. .. achieve a bloodless victory over invading .. Garmon, like the similar-sounding Garman, occurs more usually as a surname. See also Garion.

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Summary of Victory names (and variants) for boys.

Alfred - Garmon
Alfred [Fred, Fredo, Freddy, Freddie, ..], Archibald [Archy, Baldie, Arquibaldo, Arquimbaldo, ..], Atahualpa, Barack [Barak, Barrak], Bernard [Bernt, Bernis, Burnard, Vernados, ..], Britannicus, Cairo, Claus [Klaus, Claes, Clause], Colin [Col, Cole, Colle, Colyn, ..], Conan [Con, Conn, Connie, Conant], Cosgrove [Cosgrave], Coulson [Colson], Darius [Derry, Darious, Derrius, Darrius, ..], Diego [Dago], Ebenezer [Ebenzer, Ebenezar, Eveneser, Evenezer, ..], Edward [Ted, Teddy, Neddie, Teddie, ..], Eustace [Eustis, Stacey, Eustiss, Jevstachi, ..], Fawzi [Fauzi, Fawziy], Firoz [Firus], Garmon

Ghalib - Klaus
Ghalib, Giacomo [Lapo, Jacopo], Hamish, Harjit [Harjeet], Hereward, Hewett [Hewie, Hewitt, Hewlett, Hewlitt], Iago [Jago, Yago], Jack [Jaq, Jak, Jacq, Jacqin, ..], Jacob [Yakov, Yakup, Yaqub, Shamus, ..], Jacques [Jaq, Jock, Jacque, Jaques], Jaime [Jayme, Jaimey, Jaimie, Jaymie], Jaimini, James [Jimbo, Jimmy, Seamus, Jimmie, ..], Jamie [Jamee, Jamey, Jayme, Jaimie], Jascha [Jasha], Jay [Jeh, Jaye, Jayron, Jayronn, ..], Jim [Jimmy, Jimmey, Jimmie, Jimson, ..], Jock [Jocko], Kernaghan [Carnahan, Kernohan], Klaus [Klaas, Klaes]

Kobi - Signe
Kobi [Koby, Kobe, Kobie, Kobey, ..], Lawrence [Lorry, Lorrenz, Lorrence, Lowrance, ..], Mansur [Mansoor, Mansour], Mead [Meed, Meade], Nels, Nicandro [Nikander, Nicandros, Nikandreo, Nikandrios, ..], Nicholas [Nils, Nikos, Nilos, Nikolos, ..], Nick [Niko, Nikos, Nixon, Nykko, ..], Nicodemus [Nikodim, Nikodema, Nicodemo, Nikodemus], Nicomedes [Nicomedo, Nikomedes], Nikostratos [Nicostrato, Nicostratos, Nicostratus], Norman [Normie, Normen, Normand, Normando], Olimpio [Olimpo, Olympio, Olympus, Olympios], Seamus [Seumas, Seumus, Shamus], Seward [Sewerd, Siward], Shamus, Siegfried [Sigfryd, Sigvard, Sigfried, Sygfried, ..], Sigbjorn [Siegbjorn], Sigmund [Zikmund, Zygmunt, Szymond, Zsigmond, ..], Signe [Signy]

Sigwald - Zafar
Sigwald [Siegwald], Sigurd, Tracy [Trace, Tracey, Treacy], Trenton [Trenten, Trentin], Troy [Troi, Troye], Vernon [Vernee, Vernen, Verney, Vernin, ..], Victor [Vitor, Vitorio, Vittorio, Vittorios, ..], William [Wim, Wilmot, Wilson, Wilmott, ..], Yaakov [Yago, Yacov, Yakob, Yakov, ..], Zafar [Zaphar]