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Dunstan - Somerley

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Dunstan 1 .. Saint Dunstan (10th century) restored the monastery system in England after the devastating Viking raids of previous decades. Dunstan is a scarcely used masculine name, and it appears often (Top 24%) as a surname according to the US Census. [Dunsten, .. 2 more]

Lachlan 2 .. May also possibly refer to a Viking ancestor or mean "bellicose" .. Usage as a name for babies is commonplace. See also Lachman.

Leif 3 .. According to Norse legend, the Viking Leif Ericson landed his longboat on American shores some 500 years before Columbus arrived. Leif is a frequently occurring (Top 98%) first name, appearing commonly (Top 40%) as a last name in the US Census. See also Lev. [Lief]

Odin 4 .. The Norse warriors known as Vikings fought without fear, believing Odin would receive them into Valhalla, the heroes' paradise, if they died in battle. A very well-used given name (#476 in 2014), and also found conventionally as a surname. See also Adin.

Somerley 5 .. Name for the Vikings, who carried out their invasion voyages in the summer. Somerley is scarcely used as a first name. [Somerled, .. 1 more]

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Dunstan [Dunsten, Dunstin, Dunston], Lachlan, Leif [Lief], Odin, Somerley [Sorley, Somerled]