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Villain Names

3 Villain names and what they mean, for villain for baby boys, listing 1-3.

Iago .. Literary: name of the villain in Shakespeare's "Othello".
[Jago, Yago]

Jafar .. Name of the villain in Disney's "Aladdin".

John .. Kings, popes, saints, heroes, villains, and men of every degree between have borne the name ..
[Anno, Ean, Eian, Eion, Euan, .. 80 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Villain names: John

John is a commonly used name, while Iago and Jafar are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Suggested words: actor, character, devil, dog, hero, lead, outlaw, player, protagonist.

Aaron .. Actor Aaron Eckhart.
[Aaran, Aaren, Aarin, Aaro, Aaronas, .. 32 more]

Bo .. Usually a nickname used for boys and, due to actress Bo Derek, for girls ..

Antenor .. (Spanish, Greek) "Combatant, antagonist." ..

Manfred .. Used by Bryon for an antihero in an epic poem.
[Manfredo, Manfrid, Manfried, Mannfred, Mannfryd]

Adlai .. Biblical name borne by a very minor character, the father of one of King David's herdsmen ..
[Ad, Addie, Addy, Adley, Atlee, .. 1 more]

Crockett .. (Middle English) "Crook." Probably an occupational name, and the crook referred to is a shepherd's crook ..
[Crock, Crocket, Croquet, Croquett, Krock]

Anthony .. Saint Anthony (third century) was an Egyptian hermit monk who founded the first Christian monastic order and is traditionally renowned for his resistance to the devil ..
[Andy, Antal, Anthone, Anthoney, Anntoin, .. 27 more]

Bassett .. Also the name of a short-legged hunting dog, the basset hound, possibly named so because its torso is so low ("bas" in French) to the ground.

Mace .. (Middle English) "Heavy staff or club." ..
[Maceo, Macerio, Macey]

Achilles .. Mythology: name of the hero of the Trojan War, celebrated in Homer's "Iliad", famous for his valor and manly beauty ..
[Achill, Achille, Achillea, Achilleo, Achilleus, .. 10 more]

Taran .. Lloyd Alexander gave the name to his main character and heroine a series of children's books based on Gaelic mythology ..

Joshua .. He was appointed by God to lead the Israelites after the death of Moses ..
[Jehoshua, Josh, Joshuah, Joss, Josua, .. 4 more]

Marcel .. French mime, Marcel Marceau, combined two variants of this name ..
[Marceau, Marcelin, Marcellin, Marcellino, Marcell, .. 5 more]

Cole .. Outlaw Cole Younger.
[Coley, Colson]

Aeneas .. Football player Aeneas Williams.
[Aenneas, Aineas, Aineias, Aineis, Ainneas, .. 6 more]

Roark .. Literary: Howard Roark is the protagonist in Ayn Rand's influential novel "The Fountainhead" ..
[Roarke, Rorke, Rourke, Ruark]

Chapman .. Surname and occupational name in the Middle Ages: chapmen usually sold chapbooks, pamphlets intended for a wide audience, even in the days of low literacy rates.
[Chap, Chappy, Manny]


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