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War names and what they mean, for war, battle, crusade, rival, strife for men. Here is the list of Battle names for girls. These boy names were at the top of their popularity during the years 1880-1889 and are almost as popular today, but with names such as Alfonso, Tyrell, Raymond, Ernest and Martin becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy birth names in this list are Milan (#411), Harvey (#493), Odin (#476), Callan (#668) and Ace (#379), with Ace, Harvey and Milan enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Absalom - Agamemnon

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Absalom 1 .. .. and died in battle, caught by .. Absalom is unconventional as a given name. [Absalon, Abshalom, Absolon, .. 4 more]

Ace 2 .. .. back to World War I when .. In favor as a birth name for males (#379 the past year), Ace also exists often as a last name. See also Ade. [Acee, Acer, .. 2 more]

Achilles 3 .. .. the hero of the Trojan War .. A name for newborns which is not broadly used and exists more frequently as a surname. [Achill, Achilleo, Achillius, Akillios, Aquiles, .. 10 more]

Adolph 4 .. .. Adolf Hitler and World War II .. Adolph is a commonly occurring (Top 53%) masculine name, and it occurs often (Top 19%) as a surname according to the US Census. The form Adolphus is popular as a variation of the name. [Ad, Addolf, Adolfo, Adolphe, Dolf, .. 8 more]

Agamemnon 5 .. .. before the Trojan war and when .. Not widely used as a name for boys. [Agamemno, .. 1 more]

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[Absalom - Agamemnon]
Absalom [Absolom, Absolon, Avshalom, Avsholom, ..], Ace [Acee, Acer, Acey, Acie], Achilles [Aquil, Quilo, Aquiles, Aquilles, ..], Adolph [Dolf, Dolph, Dolphus, Adolphus, ..], Agamemnon [Agamemno, Agamenon]

[Ajax - Ernest]
Ajax [Aias], Alfonso [Fonz, Fonzo, Foncho, Fonzie, ..], Almanzo, Alonzo [Lon, Lonny, Alonso, Lonnie, ..], Alphonse [Phonz, Phons, Fonzie, Phauns, ..], Ambrose [Amby, Brose, Emrys, Ambrus, ..], Ammon [Amon, Amnon], Anakin [Ani], Ares, Art, Audey [Audie], Averill [Avrill, Avryll, Haverell, Haverill, ..], Barack [Barak, Barrak], Bartram [Barthram], Bohemond [Boamund, Bohemund], Boris [Borja, Borys, Boriss, Borris], Boyne [Boyn, Boine, Boyde], Buell [Buel, Buhl, Buhler, Bueller], Cadell [Cadel, Caddell], Cadfael [Cadoc], Cadfan, Cadman, Cadoc, Cadogan [Cadog, Caddock], Callan [Cailean], Carson [Cason, Kason, Carsen, Karson], Cathal [Cal], Cathan, Cian [Kian, Kean, Kiean, Keane], Cillian, Corin [Cyran, Koren, Korin, Korrin, ..], Cornwallis, Corydon [Coridon, Coryden, Coryell], Coyle, Ebenezer [Ebenzer, Ebenezar, Eveneser, Evenezer, ..], Einar [Inar, Einer, Ejnar], Emicho [Emich], Emil [Emlin, Emlyn, Emlynn, Yemelyan, ..], Emiliano [Milan, Emeliano], Ernest [Erno, Ernst, Ernie, Erneszt, ..]

[Ethan - Marcel]
Ethan [Etan, Aitan, Eitan, Ethen], Everild [Evaldo, Everald, Everhild, Everildo], Finlay [Lee, Leigh, Finnley, Finnlie, ..], Gage [Gaige, Gauge], Gideon [Gidi, Gidon, Hedeon, Gideone], Godfrey [Goffredo, Gottfrid, Godofredo, Gottfried, ..], Gomer, Gonzalo [Consalvo, Goncalve, Gonsalve, Gonzales], Guerrant, Gwalchmai, Hadwin [Hadwyn, Hedwin, Hedwinn, Hadwynne], Haig, Hale [Hayle, Halen, Haylan, Hallen], Hampton [Hampten], Hartwig, Harvey [Herv, Harvy, Herve, Hervey, ..], Herrick [Herrik, Herryck], Hildefuns, Hildebrand [Hillebrand, Hildebrandt], Hilliard [Hillyer, Hillierd, Hillyard, Hillyerd], Hooker, Jackson [Jax, Jaxen, Jaxon, Jaxson, ..], Jordan [Jud, Judd, Jourdan, Jourdaine, ..], Jotham, Kane [Kain, Kaine, Kayne, Keane, ..], Kellagh [Kellach], Kelly [Kelley], Kimball [Kimbel, Kimble, Kimbal, Kimbell], Kimberly [Kim, Kimbo, Kimberley, Kimberleigh], Kincaid [Kinkade], Lander [Landis, Landor, Landry, Landiss, ..], Landon [Lando, Landen, Landin, Landyn], Lonnie [Lonn, Lonne, Lonny, Lonnell, ..], Lonzo [Lonza, Lonzell], Luke [Luck, Lucky, Lukas, Lukacs, ..], Macarthur [Mcarthur], Machenry [Mchenry], Madison [Maddy, Madyson, Madisyn, Madisson], Manasseh [Manases, Manasio, Menashe, Menashi], Marcel [Marcelo, Marcely, Marciano, Marcellus, ..]

[Marcus - Xiomar]
Marcus [Marco, Marcas, Markos, Markus], Marion [Mariano], Mars, Martin [Marty, Marton, Martyn, Morten, ..], Mead [Meed, Meade], Milan, Nestor [Nester, Nestore, Nestorio, Nesterio], Odilo [Odilon, Otildo, Ottild, Ottildo, ..], Odin, Orestes [Oreste, Aresty, Aoresty], Paris [Parris], Paul [Pol, Poll, Poul, Pawel, ..], Pompeo [Pompi, Pompeyo, Pompilio, Pomponio], Quintrell [Quantrell, Quentrell], Raymond [Reymond, Raymunde, Raymundo, Reymundo, ..], Scipio, Seminole, Sheridan [Sheredan, Sheridon, Sherridan], Sherman [Shermon, Shearman, Shermann, Schermann], Shiloh [Shilo, Shylo, Shyloh], Tancred [Tancredi, Tancredo], Troy [Troi, Troye], Tyrell [Tyrel, Tyrrel, Tyrrell, Tyrelle, ..], Ulysses [Ulises, Ulisse], Viggo [Vigi], Windsor [Winsor, Wyndsor], Winfield [Wynfield, Winnfield, Wynnsfield], Wyatt [Wye, Wiatt, Wyeth], Wystan [Wystann], Xerxes, Xiomar