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White Names

Page 1/5. 86 White names and what they mean, for white, fair, pale, blond for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of White names for girls.

Adil .. (Arabic) "Righteous, fair."
[Adeel, Adiel]

Alban .. From the Latin name Albanus, which may be an ethnic name from a city in the Roman Empire called Alba "white", or it may represent a Latin form of a British name derived from the Celtic word "alp" for "rock, crag" ..
[Al, Albain, Alban, Albano, Albany, .. 13 more]

Albin .. (English) "White, pale-skinned." ..
[Al, Alben, Albinson, Albyn, Alpin, .. 1 more]

Albion .. (Latin, Celtic) "White." ..

Alfio .. (Italian) "White."

Alpin .. (Scottish, Gaelic) "Fair." From Albinus (Latin) "white" via Ailpein.
[Alpine, Macalpin, Mcalpin, Mcalpine]

Alva .. (Irish, Gaelic) "White." ..
[Alba, Alvah]

Arjuna .. (Hindi, Sanskrit) "White." ..

Bainbridge .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Pale bridge." ..
[Bain, Banebridge, Baynbridge, Bayne, Baynebridge]

Banning .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Small fair one; Son of the fair one."

Barry .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Fair-haired." Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic name Barra, from Bairre (Old Irish), a short form of "fionnbharr", meaning "fair-haired" (see Finbar) ..
[Bari, Barree, Barrey, Barrie, Barrington, .. 4 more]

Berilo .. (Spanish, Greek) "Pale green gemstone." ..

Bialas .. (Polish, Slavic) "White-haired child."

Blake .. (Old English) "Pale, white." ..
[Blakely, Blakeman]

Blakely .. (Old English) "Pale meadow." ..
[Blakelee, Blakeleigh, Blakeley, Blakelie]

Blakeney .. (Old English) "White island." ..
[Blakenie, Blakeny]

Blanco .. (Spanish) "Fair, white."

Bowie .. (Scottish, Gaelic) "Blond." ..
[Bow, Bowen]

Boyd .. Also possibly related to Gaelic "buidhe", meaning "yellow, blond" ..

Boyne .. (Irish, Gaelic) "White cow." ..
[Boine, Boyde, Boyn]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of White names: Albin, Alva, Barry, Blake, Boyd

Alva, Barry, Blake and Boyd are commonly used names, while Adil, Alban, Albin, Albion, Alfio, Alpin, Arjuna, Bainbridge, Banning, Berilo, Bialas, Blakely, Blakeney, Blanco, Bowie and Boyne are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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