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Whole Names for boys

3 Whole names and what they mean, for whole for baby boys, listing 1-3. Here is the list of Whole names for girls.

Austin .. The "Austin Powers" movies, though, have probably disqualified it from use for a whole generation of future parents.
[Austen, Austyn, Ostin, Ostyn, Ostynn]

Caleb .. (Hebrew) "Faith, devotion, whole hearted." ..
[Cal, Cale, Cayleb, Kaleb, Kayleb, .. 1 more]

Nikhil .. (Hindi) "Whole, all."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Whole names: Austin, Caleb, Nikhil

Austin and Caleb are commonly used names, while Nikhil is rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: clear, complete, count, express, fit, flat, good, healthy, individual, organization, perfect, right, round, simple, straight, strength, tale.

Akira .. (Japanese) "Bright, clear, ideal."

Aric .. (Old Norse) "Complete ruler." ..
[Aaric, Arick, Arik, Arric, Arrict, .. 9 more]

Earl .. The title was used as an equivalent of the French comte meaning Count, from Old English eorl ..
[Earle, Earlie, Early, Erl, Erle, .. 5 more]

Emmet .. (Old German) "Entire, universal." ..
[Emmett, Emmit, Emmitt, Emmot, Emmott]

Casey .. Made famous by the song about the engineer of the Cannonball Express train, Casey Jones ..
[Cace, Cacey, Case, Cayce, Caycey, .. 1 more]

Quinlan .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Fit, shapely, strong."

Hamilton .. (Old English) "Flat-topped hill." ..
[Hamel, Hamelton, Hamil, Hamill]

Akalanka .. (Sanskrit) "Flawless." ..

Cortez .. Historical: surname of the Spanish explorer and adventurer Hernando Cortes (16th century) who with a small expeditionary force conquered the Aztec civilization of Mexico.
[Cortes, Kortes, Kortez]

Adonis .. (Greek) "Extremely good looking, handsome." ..
[Addonia, Adohnes, Adon, Adones, Adonys]

Hale .. Nathan Hale was a Revolutionary War hero famous for saying "I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country".
[Hal, Halen, Hallen, Haylan, Hayle]

Ken .. Ken (Japanese) means "strong, physically healthy" ..
[Kennan, Kenney, Kennie, Kenny]

Chantrey .. A chantry, in the Middle Ages, was an endowment of funds to support the singing (chanting) of masses for an individual's soul.

Farren .. The variants are found in the Pardon List of James 1 which was issued after the death of Elisabeth 1 to pardon those who resisted the Ulster Plantation ..
[Farran, Farrin, Farron, Ferrin, Ferron]

Tex Modern name of the Lone Star state which has a rakish aura due to association with cowboys and the Wild West.

Rigel .. In the Orion constellation, Rigel is the blue star of the first magnitude that marks the hunter's left foot.

Victor .. Actor Victor Mature ..
[Vic, Vick, Victoriano, Victorien, Victorin, .. 8 more]


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