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Wild Names

Page 1/2. 25 Wild names and what they mean, for wild, rough, thorny, rakish for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Wild names for girls.

Acacio .. (Greek) "Thorny tree." ..

Amarillo .. The name has a certain rakish flair.

Barnes .. The name's slightly rakish aura possibly goes back to Jake Barnes, hero of Hemingway's novel "The Sun Also Rises".

Bram .. (Scottish, Irish, Gaelic) "A thicket of wild gorse." ..
[Bramm, Bran, Brann]

Bronco .. (Mexican, Spanish) "Rough, unbroken horse." ..

Cody .. Use as a given name has been influenced by Buffalo Bill Cody (1846-1917), the showman of the Wild West.
[Codell, Codey, Codie, Kody]

Dingo .. The wild dogs of Australia, similar to foxes.

Garvey .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Rough peace."
[Garrvey, Garrvie, Garve, Garvie, Garvy]

Girvin .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Small rough one."
[Girvan, Girven, Girvon]

Larkin .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Rough, fierce." ..

Moreland .. A moor is a large, rolling expanse of swampy, infertile, and wild land.
[Moorland, Morland]

Reno .. Nevada is known for its gambling centers, giving the name a rough-and-ready aura.

Rodeo .. A name with connotations of cowboys and the Wild West.

Rowdon .. (English) "Rough hill."

Ruford .. (Old English) "Rough ford." ..

Saguaro .. Saguaro National Monument is a wild area in Arizona.

Sassacus .. (Native American Indian) "Wild man." ..

Stetson .. Cowboys of the late 19th century wore the famous Stetson "tengallon" hat, giving this name rakish connotations.
[Stetcyn, Stettson]

Terach .. (Hebrew) "Wild goat." ..

Tex Modern name of the Lone Star state which has a rakish aura due to association with cowboys and the Wild West.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Wild names: Cody, Larkin, Reno, Stetson

Cody is a commonly used name, while Acacio, Amarillo, Barnes, Bram, Bronco, Dingo, Garvey, Girvin, Larkin, Moreland, Reno, Rodeo, Rowdon, Ruford, Saguaro, Sassacus, Stetson, Terach and Tex are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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