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Wolf names and what they mean, for wolf for males. Here is the list of Wolf names for girls. These boy names reached the height of their popularity during 1930-1939 (usage of 0.1451%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.0127%, down 91.2%), with names such as Rodolfo, Randall, Ralph, Rudolph and Gonzalo falling out of fashion. Channing (#689) is the most trendy baby name among these, with this name having a rekindling in popularity.

Adolph - Channing

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Adolph 1 .. Derived fr. Old German word. "Noble, majestic wolf." Common as surnames. Compare Adolph (top 10%), Addolph, Dolph (10%) and common -lph surnames Delph (top 9%), Ludolph (28%). The Latin form Adolphus arrived in .. [Ad, Adollf, Dolphus, .. 10 more]

Arno 2 .. Source fr. Old German. "Eagle wolf." Unusual. Arno, like Jovanno, Marciano, ends with the familiar masculine -no. [Arnoe, Arnou, .. 3 more]

Bardolf 3 .. Source fr. Old English. "Axe wolf." Unusual. Compare Bardolf, Bardulph, etc. with common Bar- last names Bartole (upper 88%), Barkoff (63%). A drunken fool named Bardolph appears .. [Bardolph, Bardou, Bardulph, .. 2 more]

Botolf 4 .. From Old English word. "Messenger wolf." Uncommon. Botolf, Botulf (cf. Bardulf, Eyulf) end with the popular masculine -lf. An obscure English saint in the .. [Botolff, Botolph, .. 2 more]

Channing 5 .. Derived fr. English, Old French. "Young wolf; official of the church." Channing and Cannon were Top birth names in 2014. Occupational name .. [Canning, Cannon, Canon, Channon, .. 2 more]

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[Adolph - Channing]
Adolph [Dolf, Dolph, Adolpho, Dolphus, Adolphe, Adolphus, ..], Arno [Arnoe, Arnow, Arnou, Arnoux, Arnowe], Bardolf [Bardou, Bardoul, Bardulf, Bardolph, Bardulph], Botolf [Botulf, Botolff, Botolph, Botulph], Channing [Canon, Chann, Cannon, Channe, Canning, Channon]

[Conall - Rodolfo]
Conall [Conn, Conal, Connal, Connell], Conan [Con, Conn, Connie, Conant], Ethelwulf [Ethelwolf, Aethelwolf, Aethelwulf], Eyolf [Eyulf], Faolan [Felan, Faelan, Fillan, Phelan, Foillan], Fenris, Fillan [Faolan], Fridolf [Fridulf, Freydolf, Friedolf, Freydulf], Gonzalo [Consalvo, Goncalve, Gonsalve, Gonzales], Lowell [Lowe, Lovel, Lowel, Louvel, Lovell], Lyall [Lyell], Odolf [Odulf, Odolff], Phelan [Felim, Felan, Phelim], Rafe [Rafer], Ralph [Raff, Ralf, Raul, Rolf, Rolph, Raoul], Randall [Randl, Randy, Randle, Randon, Rendall, Rendell, ..], Randi, Randolph [Randy, Ranolf, Randall, Randell, Randolf, Ranulfo], Raoul [Raul, Roul, Rowl], Rodolfo [Rodolf, Rodolphe, Roldolpho]

[Rolf - Zev]
Rolf [Rolfe, Rolle, Rollo, Rolph, Rowland], Rudolph [Rudy, Rudie, Rudolf, Rudolfo, Rudolpho, Rudolphus, ..], Udolf [Udolfo, Udolph], Ulf, Ulmer [Ulmar, Ullmar], Ulric [Udo, Rick, Ulrik, Ulrich, Ulrick, Ullric], Wolcott, Wolfe [Wolf, Wulf, Wolff, Woolf, Wulfe, Wolfhart], Wolfert, Wolfgang [Wulfram, Wolfram, Volfango], Zev [Zeev]