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Wolf Names

Page 1/3. 44 Wolf names and what they mean, for wolf, fox for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Wolf names for girls.

Adolph .. (Old German) "Noble, majestic wolf." ..
[Ad, Addolf, Addolph, Adolf, Adolfo, .. 8 more]

Arno .. (Old German) "Eagle-wolf."
[Arnoe, Arnou, Arnoux, Arnow, Arnowe]

Bardolf .. (Old English) "Axe-wolf." ..
[Bardolph, Bardou, Bardoul, Bardulf, Bardulph]

Botolf .. (Old English) "Messenger wolf." ..
[Botolff, Botolph, Botulf, Botulph]

Channing .. (English, Old French) "Young wolf." ..
[Canning, Cannon, Canon, Chann, Channe, .. 1 more]

Conall .. (Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, Celtic) "Strong wolf." ..
[Conal, Conn, Connal, Connell]

Conan .. (English, Irish, Gaelic) "Hound, wolf." ..
[Con, Conant, Conn, Connie]

Dingo .. The wild dogs of Australia, similar to foxes.

Ethelwulf .. (Old English) "Noble wolf." ..
[Aethelwolf, Aethelwulf, Ethelwolf]

Eyolf .. (Norwegian) "Lucky wolf."

Faolan .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Wolf." ..
[Faelan, Felan, Fillan, Foillan, Phelan]

Fenris Scandinavian mythology: Fenris was a giant wolf who had the power to threaten the gods.

Fillan .. (Scottish, Gaelic) "Wolf." ..

Fox .. "Fox." Probably refers to a fox-catcher or to a fox's den, or to a cunning person, or for someone with red hair .. In Ireland it has been used as English translation of the Gaelic nickname "sionnach" meaning "fox" .. As a Jewish name it has been used as an Anglicized form of the Yiddish nickname "fiksl" meaning "fox" .. Journalist Fox Butterfield .. English statesman Charles James Fox.
[Foxe, Foxen]

Fridolf .. (Old English) "Peaceful wolf."
[Freydolf, Freydulf, Friedolf, Fridulf]

Gonzalo .. Also possibly "saved from battle" or "wolf" ..
[Consalvo, Goncalve, Gonsalve, Gonzales]

Lowell .. (Old French) "Young wolf." ..
[Louvel, Lovel, Lovell, Lowe, Lowel]

Lyall .. (Old Norse) "Wolf." ..

Marion .. Revolutionary war soldier Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion.

Michael .. Actors Mickey Rooney, Michael Caine, Michael J Fox, Michel Chiklis, Michael Gambon, Michael Imperioli, Mike Myers ..
[Maik, Makai, Meical, Micael, Mical, .. 46 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Wolf names: Adolph, Arno, Channing, Gonzalo, Lowell, Marion, Michael

Adolph, Gonzalo, Lowell, Marion and Michael are commonly used names, while Arno, Bardolf, Botolf, Channing, Conall, Conan, Dingo, Ethelwulf, Eyolf, Faolan, Fenris, Fillan, Fox, Fridolf and Lyall are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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