Wolf Names from Conall - Rodolfo

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Conall 6 .. Derived fr. Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, Celtic words. "Strong wolf." Not in Top 1000. Also possibly from a Gaelic phrase .. [Conal, Conn, .. 2 more]

Conan 7 .. Root fr. English, Irish, Gaelic. "Hound, wolf; high." Connie is a familiar (Upper 79%) men's name, while Conan, Con, Conant and Conn are unusual. Anglicized form of Conán (Celtic) .. [Con, .. 3 more]

Ethelwulf 8 .. From Old English language. "Noble wolf." Outside Top 1000. A king of the West Saxons .. [Aethelwolf, Aethelwulf, .. 1 more]

Eyolf 9 .. Based on Norwegian. "Lucky wolf." Unusual. Compare Eyolf, Eyulf, and common last names Rolf (Top 8%), Bolf (24%), which also end with -lf. [Eyulf]

Faolan 10 .. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Wolf." Felan (Upper 11%) and Phelan (2%) appear often as surnames. Pet form of faol .. [Faelan, Fillan, Phelan, .. 2 more]

Fenris 11 .. was a giant wolf who had .. Unusual. Fenris is not found in the US Census.

Fillan 12 .. Root fr. Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Wolf." Fillan and Faolan are not frequently adopted as boys' names. Anglicized form of Faolán .. [Faolan]

Fridolf 13 .. Derivative of Old English. "Peaceful wolf." A baby name which is rarely used. [Freydolf, Freydulf, Fridulf, .. 1 more]

Gonzalo 14 .. .. possibly "saved from battle" or "wolf" .. Gonzalo is familiar as a variant form. [Consalvo, Gonsalve, .. 2 more]

Lowell 15 .. Stems fr. Old French word. "Young wolf." Rare. Lowell, like Harwell, Bromwell, ends with the popular masculine-sounding -well. Mostly 19th century use .. [Louvel, .. 4 more]

Lyall 16 .. Origin fr. Old Norse language. "Wolf." Not in Top 1000. Scottish surname. [Lyell]

Odolf 17 .. Source fr. Old German word. "Prosperous wolf." Uncommon. Compare Odolf, and common surnames Egolf (Upper 14%), Tolf (75%), with the -olf ending. .. by alluding him to a wolf. [Odolff, Odulf]

Phelan 18 .. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Like a wolf." Felan, Phelan, etc. are barely found as male names. [Felan, .. 2 more]

Rafe 19 .. Derived fr. Old German word. "Counsel of the wolf." Rafe and Rafer are scantly used as first names. The wolf is known for being .. [Rafer]

Ralph 20 .. From Old English. "Wolf counsel." Adoption of Rolph and variants grew during 1950-1959 and is lower today, with Ralph becoming less trendy. The wolf is an animal with .. [Rafe, Raoul, .. 5 more]

Randall 21 .. Source fr. Old German word. "Wolf shield." Randall, Rendall (cf. Rundall, Yandall) are common last names with the -dall ending. From Randwulf .. [Rand, Randale, Randel, Randell, Randey, Randle, .. 8 more]

Randi 22 .. Stems fr. Norwegian, Old German elements. "wolf shield." Not in Top 1000. Unisex name. Mythology ..

Randolph 23 .. Derived fr. Old German word. "Wolf shield." Common surnames, like last names Rodolph (Upper 80%), Rolph (12%), which also end with -lph. From the same root as Randall .. [Randal, Randall, .. 5 more]

Raoul 24 .. .. of Raul (Old English) "wolf counsel" .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Raul, Roul, .. 1 more]

Rodolfo 25 .. of Rudolph (Old German) "famous wolf" .. Usage of Rodolfo, Roldolpho, etc. as birth names in 2014 was down 38.2% compared to a year ago. [Rodolf, Roldolpho, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Wolf names: Gonzalo, Lowell, Ralph, Randall, Randolph, Raoul, Rodolfo

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