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Worthy Names

4 Worthy names related to or that mean worthy for boys, listing Worthy baby names 1-4. Gus and Harvey are popular names. Freeborn and Worth are uncommon names. View Worthy baby names below for name meanings or search Worthy names for girls.

Freeborn ... when to be born free was worthy of commemoration.

Gus Short form of Augustus (Latin) "worthy of respect".
[Guss, Gustav]

Harvey ... "Eager for battle; strong and worthy." ...
[Harv, Harve, Harvee, Harvie, Harvy, ... 3 more]

Worth ...
[Worthey, Worthing, Worthington, Worthy]

Related words: christian, able, admirable, aristocratic, august, baron, capable, celebrity, clean, competent, constellation, dear, diamond, divine, elder, entitled, fair, figure, fit, golden, good, hero, honest, honored, immortal, jewel, just, kingly, lady, lion, magnate, majestic, manly, model, noble, pearl, personality, power, praiseworthy, precious, prince, princely, pure, regal, revered, rich, right, righteous, royal, star, upright, valuable, venerated. Partial list of 16 results related to worthy below. Click on above related words for more results.

Abel ... According to the Christian Church ... he is a pre-Christian martyr and is invoked as a saint in the litany for the dying ...
[Abe, Abele, Abell, Abelson, Abey, ... 3 more]

Boyne ... thus allowing the firm establishment of the Protestant monarchy.
[Boine, Boyde, Boyn]

Abel ...
[Abe, Abele, Abell, Abelson, ... , Able, ... 3 more]

Bevis ... and the popularity of the cartoon "Beavis and Butthead" makes it even less acceptable.
[Beauvais, Beavess, Beavis, Beviss]

Sanjiro ... "Praise; admirable."

Barnett ... Also possibly from the English aristocratic title "baronet" ...
[Barnet, Barney, Barnie, Baronet, Baronett, ... 3 more]

August ... Sculptor Auguste Rodin ... painter Auguste Renoir.
[Agostino, Agosto, Agustin, Agustine, Agustino, ... 13 more]

Barnett ... and Baron are occasionally used as given names.
[Barnet, Barney, Barnie, Baronet, Baronett, ... 3 more]

Job ... Biblical: a man called by God "blameless and upright" ...
[Joab, Jobe, Joby]

Brazier ... "Works with brass." ...
[Braiser, Braser, Braizer, Brazier, ... 1 more]

Kadir ... "Capable, competent." ...
[Kadeer, Qadeer, Qadir]

Aaron ... baseball celebrity Hank Aaron ...
[Aaran, Aaren, Aarin, Aaro, Aaronas, ... 32 more]

Algernon ... The Normans were usually clean-shaven ...
[Al, Alger, Algernone, Algey, Algie, ... 3 more]

Parvaiz ... "Commendable."
[Parvez, Parviz, Parwiz]

Kadir ... "Capable, competent." ...
[Kadeer, Qadeer, Qadir]

Altair ... The name of the brightest star in the constellation Aquila.
[Alltair, Altaer, Altayr]

Top 1000 ranking of Worthy names: Gus, Harvey, Worth


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