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Shaka - Thandiwe

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Shaka 1 .. .. name of a Zulu tribal leader .. Uncommon, but Shaka is comparable to common -aka surnames Caka (upper 89%), Saka (35%). Unisex name.

Tandie 2 .. derived from the Zulu name Thandiwe .. Uncommon. Tandie (cf. Roddie, Audie) ends with the familiar androgynous -die. [Tandey, Tandy]

Thandiwe 3 .. "Loved one." Not in popularity charts. [Tandie, Tandy, Thandy, .. 2 more]

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Shaka - Thandiwe
Shaka, Tandie [Tandy, Tandey], Thandiwe [Tandy, Thandy, Tandie, Thandey, Thandie]