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Alfonso - Alphonse

Italian and Spanish variant of Alphonse .. [Fonzo, Fonzie, Alphonz, Alphonsus, Alphonso, Alonzo, Alonso, Alfonsin, Alfons, .. 9 more]

French name from Hildefuns .. [Phonz, Fonz, Alphonzus, Alphonsus, Alonzo, Alfy, Alfonso, Alfons, Affonso, .. 14 more]

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1. Alfonso - Alphonse
Alfonso [Fonz, Fonzo, Fonzie, Foncho, Alphonz, Alphonso, Alphonse, Alphonsus, ..], Alphonse [Fonz, Fons, Phonz, Phons, Phauns, Fonzie, Alphonzo, Alphonzus, ..]