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Alban - Elvis

From the Latin name Albanus, which .. [Aubin, Auben, Alvin, Alby, Albis, Albinet, Albany, Al, .. 9 more]

"Elf or magical being, friend." .. Radio characters Alvin and the Chipmunks .. [Elwynn, Aylwin, Aloin, .. 16 more]

Variant of Alvin, from Aelfwine. Also .. [Elwynne, Elwyn, Elwinn, Elwin, Elvern, .. 2 more]

.. of Elwin which comes from Alvin .. [Elvys, Elvo, Elvio, Alvys, Alvis, .. 1 more]

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1. Alban - Elvis
Alban [Alvy, Alby, Aubin, Auben, Auban, Alvin, Alvan, Albys, ..], Alvin [Elwyn, Elwin, Elvin, Alwyn, Alwin, Elwynn, Aylwin, Alwynn, ..], Elvin [Elwyn, Elwin, Elvyn, Elven, Elwinn, Elvern, Elwynne], Elvis [Elvo, Elvys, Elvio, Alvys, Alvis, Elviss]