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Andre - Ondre

"Man, warrior." .. tennis player Andre Agassi. [Ries, Ondrey, Ohnrey, Dre, Dray, Deandre, Aundray, Andrius, Andreus, Andres, .. 12 more]

English form of the Greek name .. [Ondrey, Ohnrey, Mandrew, Dandy, Dandie, Andru, Andros, Andrius, Andriel, Andrews, Andre, .. 38 more]

Modern name combining Andre with the .. [Diondray, Diondrae, Diandray, D'Andre, .. 2 more]

.. are blends of Dion and Andre .. [Dondre, Diondre, Deyon, Deonys, .. 5 more]

.. contemporary blend of Ke and Andre. [Keondre]

Ondré is a variant of Andre. [Onndre, Onndray, Onndrae, Ohndray, .. 8 more]

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1. Andre - Ondre
Andre [Dre, Ries, Ondre, Ondrey, Ohnrey, Ondrei, Ohndre, Ohndrae, ..], Andrew [Ondre, Ondrey, Ohnrey, Ondrej, Ondrei, Ohndre, Ohndrae, Mandrew, ..], Deandre [D'Andre, Diondray, Diondrae, Diandray, Deandray, Deandrae], Dion [Deon, Deonn, Deyon, Dondre, Dionte, Deonys, Diondre, Diandre], Keandre [Keondre], Ondre [Onndre, Ondrei, Ondray, Ondrae, Onndray, Onndrai, Onndrae, Ohndrey, ..]