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Amos - Kaufman

.. show "Amos 'n Andy" that was .. [Amoss, .. 1 more]

.. actors Andy Devine, Andy Griffith, Andy .. [Ondrey, Ohnrey, Ondrej, Ondrei, Drugi, Drud, Dru, Drew, Andy, Andruw, .. 39 more]

English form of the old Roman .. [Twan, Antwahn, Antun, Antonio, Antonino, Antoney, Anton, Antin, Anthoney, Andy, .. 22 more]

Comedian Andy Kaufman. [Kaufmann]

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Summary Index of Andy names [and variants] for boys.

1. Amos - Kaufman
Amos [Am, Amoss], Andrew [Ondre, Ondrey, Ohnrey, Ondrej, Ondrei, Ohndre, Ohndrae, Mandrew, ..], Anthony [Twan, Tony, Toni, Toney, Thonus, Teunis, Antwon, Antwuan, ..], Kaufman [Kaufmann]