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Anthony - Danton

.. composer Anton Bruckner; playwright Anton Chekhov .. [Twan, Toni, Toney, Thonus, Antwuan, Antwahn, Antonius, Antonio, Antone, Anton, .. 22 more]

Variant of Anthony. [Toon, .. 3 more]

Variant of Anthony .. [Tony, Antonius, Anton, Antolin, .. 4 more]

May mean "from Anton", a place .. [D'anton]

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1. Anthony - Danton
Anthony [Twan, Tony, Toni, Toney, Thonus, Teunis, Antwon, Antwuan, ..], Anton [Ton, Toon, Teun, Andon], Antonio [Tony, Anton, Antino, Antolin, Antonius, Antonino, Antonito, Antonello], Danton [D'anton]