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Ariel baby names and what they mean, with 3 results.

Ari - Durand

.. part of the more familiar Ariel. [Arye, Aristide, Arie, .. 3 more]

"Lion of God." .. and though Shakespeare's Ariel is male .. [Aryell, Arie, Airel, Aeriell, .. 8 more]

.. century historians Will and Ariel Durant .. [Durrant, Durant, .. 3 more]

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1. Ari - Durand
Ari [Ary, Arye, Arri, Arie, Arius, Aristide], Ariel [Ari, Arik, Arie, Arel, Aryel, Aryell, Ariell, Airyell, ..], Durand [Duran, Dante, Durant, Durrant, Durante]