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Armand - Herman

Variant of Herman .. [Ormondo, Ormond, Armin, .. 10 more]

"Soldier." German actor Armin Mueller Stahl. [Arminius, Arminlo, .. 2 more]

.. leader Arminius (the source of Armin) .. [Hermon, Herminio, Hermie, Hermann, Ermano, Armin, Armando, .. 8 more]

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1. Armand - Herman
Armand [Armon, Armin, Ormond, Armond, Ormondo, Ormonde, Armondo, Armonde, ..], Armin [Armen, Arman, Arminlo, Arminius], Herman [Harm, Hermon, Hermie, Harmon, Harmen, Harman, Hermann, Herminio, ..]