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Arnold baby names and what they mean, with 4 results.

Arnaud - Matthew

Variant of Arnold. [Arnault, Arnauld, Arnaldo, .. 1 more]

Also variant of Arnold. [Arnie, .. 2 more]

"Eagle ruler." .. English novelist Arnold Bennett; golfer Arnold .. [Arny, Arnout, Arnoldo, Arnie, Arney, Arne, Arndt, Arnauld, Arnau, Arn, .. 11 more]

.. poet Matthew Arnold; tennis celebrity Mats .. [Matz, Mattias, Matthiew, Matthaus, Mathew, Matheu, Mathe, .. 27 more]

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Summary Index of Arnold names [and variants] for boys.

1. Arnaud - Matthew
Arnaud [Arnald, Arnault, Arnauld, Arnaldo], Arne [Arni, Arnie, Arney], Arnold [Arny, Arno, Arni, Arnot, Arnie, Arnout, Arnoud, Arnoldo, ..], Matthew [Matz, Matty, Matti, Matyas, Matvey, Mattie, Mattieu, Mattias, ..]