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August - Augustus

The feminine version, Augusta, and the .. [Guss, Austin, Augy, Augustino, Augustine, Augustin, Auguste, Agustine, Agustin, .. 9 more]

Diminutive of August .. [Avgustin, Austyn, Augy, Agustin, Aguistin, .. 6 more]

Given historical glamour by Roman emperors and German princely families, who brought it to Britain in the 18 .. [Guus, Gussie, Gus, Austyn, Austin, Augy, Agostino, .. 7 more]

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1. August - Augustus
August [Gus, Augy, Guss, Austen, Austin, Augusto, Augustus, Augustino, ..], Augustine [Augy, Augie, Austen, Austyn, Austin, Augustin, Augustyn, Avgustin, ..], Augustus [Gus, Augy, Guus, Guss, Austen, Austyn, Gussie, Austin, ..]


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