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Ben - Moses

"Son." .. Hebrew names combine Ben with another .. [Benny, Bennie, Benne, Benn, Benjy, .. 1 more]

From Church Latin Benedictus .. [Venedictos, Bennedict, Benicio, Bengt, Bendict, Bendick, Ben, .. 16 more]

Biblical .. [Yemin, Yamino, Veniamin, Binyamin, Benno, Bennie, Benjey, Benjee, Ben, .. 20 more]

"Son of Ben." Transferred use of the surname as a given name since the 19 .. [Bensson, .. 2 more]

Place name for many places in .. [Lee, Bently, Bentlee, Bentlea, Ben, .. 1 more]

.. Actors Charlie Chaplin, Ben Chaplin. [Chappelin, Chaplinn, Chaplain]

.. Playwright Ben Jonson; track celebrity Michael .. [Johnston, Jonson]

Actor Ben Kingsley. [Kinsly, .. 8 more]

.. Moses ben Maimon (12th century), also .. [Mozes, Moyses, Mioshye, Mioshe, .. 11 more]

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1. Ben - Moses
Ben [Benn, Benny, Benne, Benjy, Benji, Bennie], Benedict [Bent, Bennt, Benoit, Bennie, Bennet, Bennito, Bennett, Venedictos, ..], Benjamin [Yemin, Yamin, Jamin, Yamino, Venyamin, Veniamin, Binyamin, Binyamino, ..], Benson [Bensen, Bensson, Benssen], Bentley [Lee, Ben, Bently, Bentlie, Bentlee, Bentlea], Chaplin [Chaplain, Chaplinn, Chappelin], Johnson [Jonson, Johnston], Kingsley [Kinsly, Kinsey, Kinslie, Kinsley, Kinslee, Kinslea, Kingsly, Kingslie], Moses [Moss, Mozes, Mosie, Moshe, Moyses, Mosiah, Mosheh, ..]