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Benedict - Obama

From Church Latin Benedictus .. [Venedictos, Bent, Benoit, Bengt, Benedictus, Benedictos, Benedick, Bendict, Bendick, .. 14 more]

Source fr. Old English language. "Bent grass meadow." Place name for many places in .. [Lee, Bentlea, Ben, .. 3 more]

Derivative of Old English word. "Town in the bent grass." Place name ..

Derived fr. African language. "Crooked, somewhat bent." Made famous by American President Barack ..

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1. Benedict - Obama
Benedict [Bent, Bennt, Benoit, Bennie, Bennet, Bennito, Bennett, Venedictos, ..], Bentley [Lee, Ben, Bently, Bentlie, Bentlee, Bentlea], Benton, Obama