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Bill - William

.. actors Bill Cosby, Billy Crystal, Bill .. [Byll, .. 2 more]

.. Senator Bill Bradley; actor Bradley Whitford. [Lee, Bradly, Bradlie, Bradleigh, .. 5 more]

.. times due to Bill Watterson's cartoon .. [Vinnie, Calvino, Cal, .. 1 more]

.. American President Bill Clinton; actor Clint .. [Klint, Clintt, Clint]

.. influenced by Buffalo Bill Cody 1846 .. [Kody, .. 3 more]

.. tiger created by Bill Watterson was .. [Hobbs, .. 1 more]

Clown Bill Irwin. [Irwyn, Erwyn, Erwinn, Erwin, .. 1 more]

.. Constitution and the Bill of Rights .. [Madisyn, Madisson, Maddison, .. 2 more]

.. Actors Paxton Whitehead, Bill Paxton. [Paxtun, Paxon, .. 2 more]

.. scholars are Senator Bill Bradley and .. [Rodas, Rhoads, .. 1 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Bill names: Bill, Bradley, Calvin, Clinton, Cody

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Bill names: Irwin, Madison, Paxton, William

.. William Hurt, Billy Crudup, Bill Pullman .. [Wim, Wilmott, Willson, Wills, Willis, Williamson, Willhelmus, Will, Wilkinson, Wilhelmus, Bill, .. 23 more]

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1. Bill - William
Bill [Byll, Billy, Billie], Bradley [Lee, Bradd, Bradly, Bradney, Bradlie, Bradlee, Bradlea, Bradleigh], Calvin [Cal, Vinnie, Kalvin, Calvino], Clinton [Klint, Clint, Clintt], Cody [Kody, Codie, Codey, Codell], Hobbes [Hob, Hobbs], Irwin [Irwyn, Erwyn, Erwin, Irwinn, Erwinn], Madison [Maddy, Madisyn, Madyson, Madisson, Maddison], Paxton [Paxon, Paxtun, Paxten, Packston], Rhodes [Rodas, Rhodas, Rhoads], William [Wim, Willy, Wills, Wilson, Wilmot, Wilmer, Wilmott, Willson, ..]