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Blind baby names and what they mean, with 3 results.

Cecil - Gardner

From Latin, Old Welsh elements. "Blind; sixth." From the Roman clan name Caecilius .. [Cecilio, Cecilius, .. 2 more]

Root fr. Irish word. "Blind." Saint Dallan of Ireland (sixth century) .. [Dal, Dallen, .. 4 more]

.. the "blind" Gardners famous for the .. [Gard, Gardiner, .. 6 more]

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Summary Index of Blind names [and variants] for boys.

1. Cecil - Gardner
Cecil [Celio, Cecyl, Cecilio, Cecilius], Dallan [Dal, Dalon, Dalan, Dallin, Dallon, Dallen], Gardner [Gard, Gardie, Gardnar, Gardell, Gardener, Gardiner, Gardnard, Gardenner]