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Alan - Cadfan

.. Alan, Earl of Brittany, who was .. [Alyn, Alun, Alon, Allin, Alleyn, Allen, Alin, Alanson, Alann, Aland, .. 15 more]

.. a native of Brittany (France), or .. [Britton, Britte, Brittan, Bretton, Bret, .. 6 more]

.. Has a resemblance to Brittany.

Saint Cadfan from Brittany founded a ..

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1. Alan - Cadfan
Alan [Alyn, Alon, Alun, Allie, Allin, Allyn, Allon, Alleyne, ..], Brett [Brit, Britt, Briton, Britte, Britton, Brittan, Bretton, Brittain, ..], Britannicus, Cadfan