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Bull baby names and what they mean, with 4 results.

Bevis - Taurus

.. Evan, or French beuve, meaning bull .. [Beviss, .. 3 more]

.. running of the bulls in Pamplona .. [Firmin]

.. Civil War of Bull Run was .. [Menashi, Manases, .. 3 more]

From Latin language. "Bull." .. forequarters of a bull and is .. [Toro, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of Bull names [and variants] for boys.

1. Bevis - Taurus
Bevis [Beviss, Beavis, Beavess, Beauvais], Fermin [Firmin], Manasseh [Manases, Menashi, Manasio, Menashe, Manassas], Taurus [Toro, Tauro, Taurean, Taurino]


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