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Blackburn - Robert

.. In Scotland, "burn" is the term .. [Blagburn, .. 1 more]

.. is called a "burn" in Scotland .. [Byrn, Burne, Burn, Borne, Born, .. 2 more]

Originally a surname for families living .. [Byrnes, Byrne, Byrn, Burne, Burn, .. 5 more]

.. to a brook "burn" in Old .. [Burnett, Bernet, .. 1 more]

"burn" likely refers to a small .. [Cockburne, Cockburn, Coby, Coburne]

.. actors Edward Norton, Edward Burns. [Teddy, Ted, Ned, Lalo, Eudard, Eideard, Edvardas, Eduarde, Eduard, Edison, .. 17 more]

.. comedians George Burns, George Carlin; baseball .. [Ygor, Yurik, Yuri, Yorik, Yorick, Orjan, Jurian, Jory, Jorgen, Jorge, .. 45 more]

.. Bruce and to poet Robert Burns .. [Ruprecht, Robyn, Robson, Robin, Robbinson, Robben, Rob, Rip, Rab, Bert, .. 20 more]

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1. Blackburn - Robert
Blackburn [Blagburn, Blackburne], Bourne [Born, Byrn, Burn, Burne, Borne, Bourn, Burns], Burns [Burn, Byrn, Burne, Byrne, Bourne, Burnis, Byrnes, Burney, ..], Burnet [Bernet, Bernett, Burnett], Coburn [Coby, Coburne, Cockburn, Cockburne], Edward [Ned, Ted, Lalo, Teddy, Ewart, Eudard, Neddie, Teddie, ..], George [Ygor, Yuri, Yurik, Yorik, Yuriy, Yorgos, Yorick, Yiorgos, ..], Robert [Robin, Robyn, Robson, Rupert, Ruperto, Robinson, Robynson, Ruprecht, ..]


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