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Caio baby names and what they mean, with 4 results.

Caeo - Gaius

Name of a village and parish .. [Cayo, Caio]

Used as a respelling of Kai .. [Kai, Caio, .. 1 more]

Common Roman form of Gaius .. [Keys, Keyes, Kay, Caio, .. 3 more]

Probably the root of the word .. [Keys, Keye, Caio, .. 4 more]

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Summary Index of Caio names [and variants] for boys.

1. Caeo - Gaius
Caeo [Cayo, Caio], Cai [Kai, Caw, Caio], Caius [Cai, Kay, Keys, Keye, Kaye, Caio, Keyes], Gaius [Cai, Kay, Keys, Keye, Kaye, Caio, Keyes]