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Alan - Tariq

.. estates in the newly conquered kingdom .. [Alyn, Alon, Allyn, Allon, Allin, Allie, Alleyn, Allen, Allayne, Allan, .. 15 more]

.. (356 323 BC) conquered and ruled .. [Zandros, Zander, Sandero, Sander, Iskender, Allister, Alixandre, Alisander, Alik, Alick, .. 60 more]

.. small expeditionary force conquered the Aztec .. [Kortez, Cortes, .. 1 more]

.. (fifth century BC) conquered Babylon at .. [Cy, .. 1 more]

.. Hun when the Vandals conquered Rome .. [Lyon, Lev, Leonel, .. 6 more]

.. The Normans who conquered England in .. [Normie, Normen, Normando, Normand, .. 1 more]

.. Norman aristocrats who conquered England in .. [Seymore, .. 3 more]

.. He conquered huge parts of Asia .. [Tamurlayn, Tamburlaine, Tamberlaine, .. 6 more]

.. (eighth century) who conquered Spain for .. [Tarique, .. 5 more]

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1. Alan - Tariq
Alan [Alyn, Alun, Alon, Allyn, Allon, Allin, Allie, Alleyne, ..], Alexander [Sasha, Zandro, Zander, Xander, Zandros, Saunder, Sikander, Saunders, ..], Cortez [Kortez, Kortes, Cortes], Cyrus [Cy, Ciro], Leo [Lev, Lyon, Lion, Leon, Leonel, Leoncio, Leontios, Leonello], Norman [Norm, Normie, Normen, Normand, Normando], Seymour [Seamor, Seymore, Seamour, Seamore], Tamerlane [Tamurlayn, Tamarlayn, Tamurlaine, Tamburlane, Tamberlane, Tamberlain, Tamburlaine, Tamberlaine], Tariq [Tarik, Tareq, Tarek, Tarick, Tareek, Tarique]