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Country baby names and what they mean, for country.

pinAlistair - Rhodes

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Country names: Ammon, Bill, Brian, Frank, Garfield

Alistair 1 .. .. three medieval kings of the country .. Outside Top 1000. [Alastair, Aleister, Alisdair, .. 5 more]

Ammon 2 .. .. name for a country northeast of .. Common as surnames. Compare Ammon (top 7%), Amon (9%), Amnon and common Am- last name Ammen (top 82%). [Amon, Amnon]

Argento 3 .. The country of Argentina is named .. Argento, Argentio and Argentino are seldom found as masculine names. [Argentio, .. 1 more]

Bill 4 .. .. Country western singer Billy Ray Cyrus; .. Bill (top 3%), Billy (6%) and Billie (9%) are found commonly as last names. [Billie, .. 2 more]

Brazil 5 .. of the largest country in South .. Not in popularity charts. [Brasil]

Brian 6 .. .. He liberated the country from the .. Brian (upper 2%), Bryan (8%), Bryant (33%), Brain (49%) and Bryon (51%) are prevalent as masculine names. [Brain, Bri, Brien, Bryant, Bryen, O'Brien, .. 9 more]

Cork 7 .. .. seaport, city, and country in Ireland. Outside Top 1000. See also Cor.

Cuba 8 .. 1959 a Communist country under the .. Not in popularity charts. See also Cabe.

Dardanos 9 .. .. Troy and the surrounding country, Dardania .. Dadanos and Daldanos are kreatif forms. [Dard, Dardanio, Dardanus, .. 1 more]

Eldorado 10 .. the mythical South American country. Not in Top 1000.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Country names: Garrick, Garth, Merle, Monroe, Pernell

Frank 11 .. .. fourth century, the country was named .. Frank, Franco, Frankie and Franz are prevalent as versions. [Franc, Franco, Franck, Franz, .. 4 more]

Garfield 12 .. .. "triangle", and feld "open country, field" .. Unusual, with the -ld ending for Garfield like Girauld. [Garry, Gary]

Garrick 13 .. .. from garrigue, referring to "limestone country" .. Less popular today. Garrick was the variant last found (1993) in the Top 1000. [Garek, .. 4 more]

Garth 14 .. .. Country western singer Garth Brooks; illustrator .. Less widespread today. Garth was last listed in 1993 in the Top 1000. See also Garyth.

Hale 15 .. .. life to lose for my country. Not in popularity charts. [Hal, Hayle, .. 3 more]

Merle 16 .. Country western singer Merle Haggard has .. Gender-neutral name. Merle has faded in favor as a name for boys since the 1910s.

Monroe 17 .. .. define the new country's position in .. Not Top 1000 names. [Monro, Munroe, .. 1 more]

Parnell 18 .. Based on Latin language. "Country bumpkin." Parnell, Parnel and Parrnell are barely found as male names, and Parnell exists frequently (top 2%) as a last name. From Petronius .. [Parnel, Parrnell]

Pernell 19 .. Derivative of Latin language. "Country bumpkin." Not in popularity charts. See also Parnel. Also possibly related Peter via the ..

Rhodes 20 .. .. to both a country (Rhodesia) and .. Not in popularity charts. [Rhoads, Rodas, .. 1 more]

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Summary of Country names (and variants) for boys.

Alistair - Rhodes
Alistair [Aly, Alastor, Alister, Aleister, Alastair, Allister, Alisdair, Alistaire], Ammon [Amon, Amnon], Argento [Argentio, Argentino], Bill [Byll, Billy, Billie], Brazil [Brasil], Brian [Brye, Bryan, Bryen, Bryon, Bryant, Bryent, O'Brien, ..], Cork, Cuba, Dardanos [Dard, Dardanio, Dardanus, Dardanios], Eldorado, Frank [Franz, Franc, Franck, Franky, Frantz, Franco, Frankie, Francke], Garfield [Gary, Garry], Garrick [Garek, Garryk, GarrIk, Garryck, Garreck], Garth, Hale [Hal, Hayle, Halen, Hallen, Haylan], Merle, Monroe [Monro, Munro, Munroe], Parnell [Parnel, Parrnell], Pernell, Rhodes [Rodas, Rhoads, Rhodas]

Sulayman - Willie
Sulayman [Sulaiman, Suleiman, Suleyman], Sutherland [Southerland], Togo, Travis [Travys, Traver, Traviss, Travers], Willie [Wil, Will, Willy]