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Don - Sancho

.. form of names beginning with Don .. [Donny, Donn, .. 3 more]

.. Actors Donald Sutherland, Don Cheadle, Donal .. [Donnell]

.. "The Vision of Don Roderick" was .. [Ruy, Rurik, Roric, Rodrique, Rodriguez, Rodrigue, Roderic, Roddy, Roddrick, Rodderick, .. 24 more]

Don Quixote's sidekick was called Sancho .. [Sauncho, Sancos, Sanctio, Sanche, .. 1 more]

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1. Don - Sancho
Don [Donn, Donny, Donne, Donnie, Donnan], Donald [Donnell], Roderick [Ruy, Rory, Rurik, Rurek, Roric, Rorick, Rodryk, Rodryck, ..], Sancho [Sancos, Sanzio, Sanche, Sauncho, Sanctio]