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Abbott - Alford

"Father, priest." An abbot is the head of ..

"Number one, the best." .. Also an English surname meaning "noble" ..

"Oak meadow." Place name ..

"Oak tree settlement." Place name ..

"Son of Adam."

"Son of Adam." .. The English poet and essayist Joseph ..

"The noble's island." Place name.

Place name and surname used as ..

"Made of oak." English writer Conrad Aiken.

"Only hermitage wood or clearing." Originally a place name ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of English names: Abbott, Ace, Addison, Afton, Albert

Top 2000 baby names ranking of English names: Albin, Alden, Alec, Alford

"Ann's estate." Place name.

"Noble, bright." .. replacing the Old English form Ăpelbeorht ..

"White, pale-skinned." From the root word "albino" ..

"The old cottage." Place name.

Alden, var. Aldwin1
"Old friend." Surname used as a given name.

"Old counsel."

"Old." Saint Aldric (ninth century) was a ..

"Old friend." Variant of Alden.

"Man's defender, warrior." Short form of Alexander.

"The old river-ford."

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for English names for boys.

1. Abbott - Alford
Abbott, Ace, Ackerley, Acton, Adamson, Addison, Adney, Afton, Aiken, Ainsley [Ansley], Ainsworth, Albert [Elbert, ..], Albin, Alcott, Alden [Elden, ..], Aldred [Eldred], Aldrich, Aldwin [Elden], Alec, Alford

Alfred [Avery], Alger [Elger], Alison, Allard, Alston, Alton [Elton, ..], Alvar, Alvin [Elwin, ..], Anchor, Anscom, Ansley [Ainsley], Anson, Archie, Ardley, Arledge, Arley, Armstrong, Arnett, Arrow, Arthel

Arundel, Arvin, Ascot [Escott], Ashby [Ashton], Ashford, Ashley [Lee], Ashton [Aston, ..], Aspen, Aston, Aswin, Atherton, Athelstan, Atley, Atwater, Atwell, Atwood, Atworth, Auburn, Auden, Audey

Audley, Autry, Averett, Averill, Avery, Ayers, Aylmer [Elmer], Aylward, Babson, Bailey, Baker, Balder, Bancroft, Barclay [Berkeley], Bard [Barden], Barden [Borden], Bardolf, Barker, Barksdale, Barlow

Barnes, Barnett [Barney], Barney, Barnum, Baron, Barric, Barrington, Barton, Bascom, Bassett, Baxter [Baxley], Baxley, Baylor, Beacher, Beacon, Beaman, Beamer, Beasley, Beckett, Beckham

Bede, Bedford, Beebe, Belden, Belton, Bentley [Lee], Benton, Beresford, Berkeley, Berry, Bert, Berton [Burton, ..], Berwyn, Beverly, Bickford, Bid, Bill, Birch, Birchall, Birkett

Birkey, Birley, Birney [Burney], Birtle, Bishop, Black, Blackburn, Blackstone, Blackwell, Blade, Blagden, Blake [Blakely], Blakely, Blakeney, Blanford, Bligh, Bliss, Blythe [Bligh], Bob, Bond

Booker, Booth, Borden, Bosley, Boston, Boswell, Bosworth, Botolf, Bourne [Burns], Boynton, Brad, Bradburn, Braddock, Bradford [Brad], Bradley [Lee, ..], Brainard, Bramwell, Brand [Brant], Brandon [Branton, ..], Branley

Branson, Brant, Branton, Brawley, Braxton, Brazier, Breck, Breckinridge, Brent [Brenton], Brenton, Brewster, Brick, Bridgely, Bridger, Briggs, Brigham [Briggs], Brighton, Brinley, Bristol, Britton

Brock, Brockhoist, Brockley, Brockton, Bromley, Bromwell, Bronson, Brooks, Broughton, Brown, Bryan, Bryant, Bryland, Buck [Buckley], Buckley, Buckminister, Bud, Buford [Ford], Burbank, Burchard

Burdett, Burford [Buford], Burl, Burleigh, Burns [Burney, ..], Burney, Burr, Burroughs, Burton [Bert], Buster, Butcher, Butler, Button, Buxton, Byford, Byram, Byrd, Byron [Byram], Cadby, Caddis

Cade, Caine, Calder, Caldwell, Cale, Calvert, Campion, Canby, Canfield, Carden, Carley, Carlton [Charlton], Carlyle [Carley], Carnell, Carrington, Carson, Carswell, Carter, Carver, Caxton

Cedric [Rick], Chad [Chadwick], Chadwick, Chalkley, Chamberlain, Champ, Champion [Champ, ..], Chance [Chauncey], Chancellor [Chance], Chandler, Channing, Chaplin, Chapman, Chappel, Charlton [Carlton], Chase, Chauncey [Chance], Chesley, Chesney, Chester

Chetwin, Chilton, Churchill, Claiborne [Clayborne], Claxton, Clay, Clayborne [Clay, ..], Clayland, Clayton [Clayborne, ..], Cleavant, Cleveland, Cliff, Clifford [Cliff], Clifton [Cliff], Clinton, Clive, Coakley, Cobb, Cobden, Cobham

Coburn, Coffin, Colburn, Colden, Cole, Coleridge, Colgate, Colley, Collier, Colt [Colter], Colter, Colton, Comstock, Concord, Conan, Coney, Cooper, Cope, Cordell, Corliss

Cornwallis, Cort [Curt, ..], Corwin, Cory, Coster, Courtland, Covert, Covell, Covey, Covington, Cox, Crandall, Crane, Cranford, Cranley, Cranston, Craven, Crawford, Creed, Creighton

Cresswell [Carswell], Crockett, Crofton, Cromwell, Crook, Crosley, Crowell, Crowther, Croydon, Culver, Curley, Currier, Curt, Curtis [Curt], Cuthbert, Cutler, Cyd, Cydney, Dagwood, Dainard

Dalbert [Delbert], Dale [Dallin], Dallin, Dalton [Delton], Dane, Darby [Derby], Darin, Darnell, Darnley, Darrel [Darryl], Darrow, Darryl [Darrel], Dart, Darton, Darvin, Darwin [Derwin], Davis [Dayton], Dawson, Day, Dayton

Dean, Dearborn, Deems, Deforest, Delbert [Dalbert, ..], Dell, Delmon, Delton [Dalton], Delvin, Dempster, Denham, Denley, Denman, Dennis [Dennison], Dennison [Tennyson], Denver, Denzel, Derby, Derek, Derland

Derwin [Durwin, ..], Des, Destry, Dev, Deverell, Devon, Dexter, Diamond, Dice, Dick [Dixon], Dickinson, Dixon, Doane, Dodge, Don, Drake, Draper, Dryden, Duarte, Dudley

Dunley, Dunstan, Dunton, Durward, Durwin [Derwin], Dustin, Dyer, Dyson, Earl [Early], Earland [Erland], Earlham, Earlston, Early, Eastman, Easton, Eaton, Eberhard [Everard], Edbert, Eddie, Edgar [Ted, ..]

Edison, Edmar, Edmund [Ted, ..], Edred, Edric, Edward [Ted, ..], Edwin [Ted, ..], Egbert, Egerton, Elbert, Elbridge, Elden [Elton, ..], Elder, Eldon [Elden], Eldred [Aldred], Elford, Elger, Elgin, Ellery, Ellesmere

Ellington, Ellison, Ellsworth, Ellwood [Elwood], Elman, Elmer [Aylmer], Elmore, Elrad [Rad], Elsdon, Elston, Elton [Eldon, ..], Elvin [Elwin], Elwell, Elwin [Wynn, ..], Elwood [Ellwood], Emerson, Endicott, Erland, Erling, Erving

Erwin [Irwin], Escott, Esmond, Essex, Eston, Ethelbert [Bert], Ethelred, Ethelwulf, Ethelwin, Everard [Everett, ..], Everest, Everett [Everard, ..], Everild, Everley, Everton, Ewald, Ewing, Factor, Faine, Fairbanks

Fairchild, Fairfax, Fallows, Faramond, Farley [Lee], Farmer, Farnell, Farnham, Farnley [Fernley], Farold, Faron [Farren], Farr, Farrar, Farren [Ferron], Farris, Faxon, Felton, Fenn, Fenton [Fenn], Fenwick

Fernley [Farnley], Ferron, Fielding, Filmore, Fisher, Fisk, Fitch, Fleetwood, Fleming, Flint, Ford, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Franklin, Frayne, Freeborn, Freed, Freeman, French

Frewin, Frick, Fridolf, Frost, Fry, Fuller, Fulton, Gabbo, Gaillard, Gale, Galt, Galton [Galt], Gardner, Garfield [Gary, ..], Garland, Garman, Garrad, Garrard, Garrick, Garrison

Garroway, Garry, Garson, Garton [Gorton], Garvin, Gary [Gaz, ..], Gaz, Geary, Gentry, Geoff, Gerry, Gibbes, Gibson [Gilson, ..], Gifford, Gilman, Gilmer, Gilson, Glade, Gladstone, Gladwin

Glenavon, Glover, Goddard, Godric, Godwin [Goodwin], Golding, Goldsmith, Goldwin, Gomer, Goodman, Goodwin, Goodyear, Gordon, Gore, Gorham, Gorrell, Gorton, Graham, Grant, Grantland

Graves, Gray [Grey], Graydon, Grayson [Graydon], Greeley, Greenwood, Gresham, Grey [Gray], Gridley, Grimshaw, Grimsley, Grover, Guildford, Hadden, Hadley, Hadwin, Hagley, Haig, Halbert, Hale

Haley [Halley], Halford, Hall, Hallam, Halley, Halliwell, Hallward, Halsey, Halstead, Halton [Halton], Hamilton [Hamill], Hamill, Hampden, Hampton, Hancock, Hanford, Hanley [Henley], Harden, Harding, Hardwick

Hardwin, Harford, Hargrove, Harlan, Harley [Arley], Harlow [Harlow], Harold, Harper, Harrington, Harrison, Hart, Hartford, Hartley, Hartwell, Harvey, Harwood, Haslett, Hastings, Haven, Hawes

Hawk, Hawkins, Hawley, Hawthorne, Hayes, Hayward, Haywood [Heywood], Hazleton, Hazlewood, Heath, Heathcliff, Hedley, Henderson, Hendrick, Henley, Hereward, Herndon, Herne, Hernley, Hewson

Heywood, Hill, Hilliard, Hilton, Hitchcock, Hockley, Hockney, Hobbes, Hobson, Hodgson, Holbrook, Holcomb, Holden, Holiday, Hollis, Holman, Holmes, Holt, Hooker, Hooper

Horsley, Horton [Orton], Houghton, Houston [Hewson], Howe, Howland, Hoyt, Hudson, Hume, Hunt, Hunter [Hunt], Huntington [Hunt], Huntley, Hurlbert, Hurst, Hutton, Huxford, Huxley, Hyatt, Inglebert

Ingram, Inigo, Inman, Irwin [Erwin], Isham, Jace, Jack, Jackson [Jack], Jagger, Jago, Jake, Jameson, Jarell [Jerrell], Jarrod [Jerrod], Jefferson, Jefford, Jerald, Jerrell [Jarell], Jerrod [Jarrod], Jerry [Gerry]

Jessamine, Jody, Joe, Johnson, Jon, Joyner, Justice, Keane, Keaton, Keats, Kedrick, Kelsey, Kelton, Kelvin, Kemp, Kempton, Ken, Kendall, Kenelm, Kenley

Kennard, Kent, Kenton, Kenward, Kenway, Kerrick, Keyes, Kidd, Kim, Kimberly [Kim], King, Kingman, Kingsley, Kingston, Kingswell, Kipp, Kirkland, Kirkley, Kirkwell, Kirkwood

Knightley, Knoll, Knox, Kynaston, Ladd, Ladell, Laird, Lancaster, Lander, Landon, Lane, Langdon [Landon], Langford, Langhorne, Langley, Langston, Langward, Langworth, Lanny, Lark

Larnell, Larry, Lathan, Lathrop, Latimer, Laurean, Lauriston, Lawford, Lawson, Lawton, Lee, Leighton, Leland, Lenny, Lester, Lincoln [Link], Lindell, Lindhurst, Lindley, Lindsay

Lindford [Lynford, ..], Link, Linley, Linn, Linton, Litton [Lytton], Livingston, Locke [Lockwood], Lockhart, Lockwood, Lodge, Long, Longfellow, Lord, Loren, Lowman, Loyal, Lucky, Ludlow, Lyndon

Lynford, Lynley, Lytton, Mace, Maitland, Malden, Malin, Manchester, Manley, Manning, Mansel, Mansfield, Manton, Marden, Marion, Markham, Marland [Marlon], Marley, Marlon [Marland], Marlow

Marriner, Marsden, Marsh, Marston, Martel, Marvell, Marwood, Masefield, Mason, Mather, Maxfield, Maxwell, Mayes, Mayfield, Mccoy, Mead, Medford, Melbourne [Milburn], Meldon, Meldrick

Mercer, Merrill, Merritt, Mersey, Merton, Middleton, Mike, Milbank, Milburn, Milford, Millard, Miller [Millard], Mills, Milo, Milton, Minster, Mitchell, Mitford, Modred, Monckton

Moore, Moreland [Morland], Morland, Morley, Morse, Morton, Moss, Myles, Nash, Naylor, Ned, Nesbit, Newbury, Newcomb, Newell, Newland, Newman, Newport, Newton, Nick [Nixon]

Nickleby, Niles [Nyles], Nixon, Northcliff, Northrop, Norton, Norvin, Norward, Norwell, Norwood, Nyles, Oakes, Oakley [Oakes], Odell [Dell], Ogden, Olin, Onslow, Orford, Orman, Ormond

Orrick, Orrin, Orton, Orval, Orvin, Osbert, Oscar, Osgood, Osier, Osmar, Osred, Osric, Oswin, Otis, Oxford, Paley, Palmer, Parker, Parkins, Parr

Parsons, Parton, Patterson, Patton, Paxton, Peabody, Peale, Peel, Pelham, Pell, Pendleton, Penley, Penn, Perkin, Peyton, Phelps, Phipps, Pickford, Pierce, Pike

Piper, Pitney, Pitt, Pollard, Pollock, Porter, Portland, Potter, Powell, Pratt, Prentice, Prescott, Presley, Preston, Proverb, Purvis, Quiller, Quinton, Quintrell, Rad

Radbert, Radburn, Radcliff, Radford [Redford], Radley, Radnor, Raines, Raleigh, Ralph, Ralston, Ramsay, Ramsden, Randy, Rankin, Ransford, Ransley, Ransom, Raven, Ray, Rayburn

Read [Reid, ..], Reading, Redford [Radford], Redley [Radley], Redman, Reed [Reid, ..], Reeve, Reid [Reed, ..], Remington, Renfred, Renshaw, Renton, Renwick, Rexford, Rexton, Rick, Rickward, Rider [Ryder], Ridge, Ridgeway

Ridgeley, Ridley, Riley [Ryley], Ring, Ripley, Risley, Riston, River, Robin, Robinson, Rochester [Chester], Rockley, Rockwell, Rocky [Rockwell], Rodney, Roe, Ronson, Roper, Rover, Rowdon

Rowdy, Rowell, Rowley, Roxbert, Roxbury, Royal, Royden, Royston, Rudd, Rudyard, Ruford, Rugby, Rumford, Rush, Rushford, Ruston, Rusty, Rutherford, Rutledge, Rutley

Rycroft, Ryder, Ryland, Ryley, Sackville, Sadler, Safford, Sail, Sainsbury, Salisbury, Salton, Sanborn, Sandberg, Sanders, Sanditon, Sandhurst, Sanford, Sawyer, Saxe, Saxon [Saxe]

Scott, Scribner, Seabert, Seabrook, Seabury, Seaman, Searle, Seaton [Seton], Sedgley, Sedgwick, Sefton, Seger, Selby, Seldon, Sellers, Selwyn, Seton, Severn, Seward, Sewell

Sexton, Seymour, Shad, Shaw, Sheffield, Sheldon, Shelley, Shelton, Shepherd, Shepley, Sherborn, Sherill, Sherlock, Sherman, Sherwin, Sherwood, Shipton, Sidney [Sydney], Sill, Silverton

Simmons, Simpson, Sinclair, Skinner, Skip, Skye, Slade, Slater, Slim, Smedley, Smith, Snowden, Somerby, Somerset, Somerton, Sonny, Sothern, Southwell, Spalding, Spear

Speed, Spencer, Spike, Springer, Squire, Stafford, Stanbury, Stancliff, Standish, Stanfield, Stanford, Stanley, Stanmore, Stanton, Stanway, Stanwick, Stanwood, Starr, Steadman, Steed

Steele, Stepney, Sterling, Sterne, Steve, Steven, Stewart [Stuart], Stiles, Stillman, Stockley, Stockton, Stockwell, Stoddard, Stoney, Storm [Sturm], Stratford, Strickland, Strong, Stuart [Stewart], Sturm

Styles [Stiles], Sudbury, Suffield, Suffolk, Sully, Sumner, Sutcliff, Sutton, Swaine, Swanton, Swinburne, Swinford, Swinton, Swithin, Sydney, Tab, Tad, Tallis, Talon, Tamson

Tanner, Tanton, Tarleton, Tate, Taverner, Tavin, Taylor, Tayson, Ted, Tedmund, Templeton, Tennant, Tennyson, Terran, Thane, Thatcher, Thaw, Thayer, Thorley, Thormond

Thorndike, Thorne, Thornley, Thornton, Thornycroft, Thorpe, Thurlow, Thurston, Tilden, Tilford, Tillman, Tilton, Toby, Todd, Todhunter, Tomlin, Tompkins, Tony, Torr, Tory

Tower, Townsend, Trenton, Trevin, Trevis, Trey, Trowbridge, True, Truesdale, Truman, Trumble, Tucker, Tune, Tupper, Turk, Turner, Twain, Twyford, Ty, Tyler [Ty]

Udell [Dell], Udolf, Ulmer, Ulric [Rick], Unwin, Updike, Upshaw, Upton, Upwood, Uther, Vail, Vance, Vane, Vinson, Vinton, Wade, Wadham, Wadley, Wadsworth, Wainwright

Waite, Wakefield, Wakeley, Wakeman, Walcott [Wolcott], Walden, Waldwick, Walford, Walker, Waller, Walsh, Waltham, Walton, Walworth, Walwyn, Warburton, Ward, Wardell, Wardley, Ware

Warfield, Warford, Warley, Warren [Ware], Warton [Wharton], Warwick, Washburn, Washington, Waterford, Watkins, Watson, Waverley [Waverley], Wayland [Wylan], Wayne, Weaver, Webb [Webster], Webley, Webster [Webb], Wedgwood, Welborne

Weldon, Welford, Wellington, Wells, Welton, Wentworth, Wesley, Westbrook, Westby, Westcott, Westerly, Weston, Wetherby, Wetherell, Wetherly, Wharton [Warton], Wheatley, Wheaton, Wheeler, Wheelwright

Whistler, Whitbeck, Whitby, Whitcomb, White, Whitehead, Whitelaw, Whitfield, Whitford, Whitley, Whitlock, Whitman, Whitmore, Whitney, Whittaker, Wickham, Wickley, Wiley [Wylie], Wilford, Wilfred

Wilkes, Wilkinson, Willard, Willet, Willie, Willis [Willie], Willoughby, Wilson, Wilton, Windsor, Winfield, Wingate, Winslow, Winsted, Winston, Winter, Winthrop, Winton, Winwood, Wolcott

Woodrow, Woodson, Woodstock, Woodward, Woolworth, Worth, Wortham, Wright, Wyatt, Wyck, Wycliff, Wycombe, Wylan, Wyler, Wylie [Wiley], Wyman, Wyndham, Wynn, Wystan, Yale

Yardley, Yates, Yeoman, Yorick, York [Yorick], Young, Yule, Zeke