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Baby Names of English Origin for Boys

Baby names of English origin.

pinAbbas - Aldwin

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of English names: Ace, Addison, Adrian, Albert, Albin, Alden

Abbas 1 .. .. Leo in the English speaking world ..

Abbott 2 .. "Father, priest." An abbot is the head of ..

Ace 3 .. "Number one, the best." .. Also an English surname meaning "noble" ..

Ackerley 4 .. "Oak meadow." Place name ..

Acton 5 .. "Oak tree settlement." Place name ..

Adamson 6 .. "Son of Adam."

Addison 7 .. "Son of Adam." .. The English poet and essayist Joseph ..

Adney 8 .. "The noble's island." Place name.

Adrian 9 .. .. IV the only English pope in ..

Afton 10 .. Place name and surname used as ..

Aiken 11 .. "Made of oak." English writer Conrad Aiken.

Ainsley 12 .. "Only hermitage wood or clearing." Originally a place name ..

Ainsworth 13 .. "Ann's estate." Place name.

Albert 14 .. "Noble, bright." .. replacing the Old English form Ăpelbeorht ..

Albin 15 .. "White, pale-skinned." From the root word "albino" ..

Alcott 16 .. "The old cottage." Place name.

Alden [Aldwin, .. more] 17 .. "Old friend." Surname used as a given name.

Aldred 18 .. "Old counsel."

Aldrich 19 .. "Old." Saint Aldric (ninth century) was a ..

Aldwin 20 .. "Old friend." Variant of Alden.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for English names for boys.

Abbas - Aldwin
Abbas, Abbott, Ace, Ackerley, Acton, Adamson, Addison, Adney, Adrian, Afton, Aiken, Ainsley [Ansley], Ainsworth, Albert [Elbert, ..], Albin, Alcott, Alden [Elden], Aldred [Eldred], Aldrich [Eldridge], Aldwin [Elden]

Alec - Ansley
Alec, Alexander [Alec], Alford, Alfred [Avery], Alger [Elger], Algernon [Alger], Alison, Allard, Allen, Almanzo, Alston, Alton [Elton], Alvar, Alvin [Elwin], Ambrose, Amerigo, Anchor, Andrew, Anscom, Ansley [Ainsley]

Anson - Ashley
Anson, Anthony [Tony], Archer, Archibald [Archie], Archie, Ardley, Arledge, Arley, Armstrong, Arnett, Arnold, Arrow, Arthel, Arundel, Arvin, Ascot [Escott], Ashby [Ashton], Asher, Ashford, Ashley [Lee]

Ashton - Averett
Ashton [Aston], Aspen, Aston, Aswin, Atherton, Athelstan, Atley, Atwater, Atwell, Atwood, Atworth, Auberon, Auburn, Auden, Audey, Audley, August [Augustine], Augustine, Autry, Averett

Averill - Barnes
Averill, Avery, Ayers, Aylmer [Elmer], Aylward, Babson, Bailey, Baird [Bard], Baker, Balder, Bancroft, Baptist, Barclay [Berkeley], Bard [Barden], Barden [Borden], Bardolf, Barker, Barksdale, Barlow, Barnes

Barnett - Beau
Barnett [Barney], Barney, Barnum, Baron, Barrett, Barric, Barrington, Barton, Baruch, Bascom, Bassett, Baxter [Baxley], Baxley, Baylor, Beacher, Beacon, Beaman, Beamer, Beasley, Beau

Beaumont - Berthold
Beaumont, Beck, Beckett, Beckham, Bede, Bedford, Beebe, Belden, Bellamy, Belton, Ben, Bentley [Lee], Benton, Beresford, Berkeley, Bernal, Bernard [Barney], Berry, Bert, Berthold [Berton]

Berton - Blagden
Berton [Burton], Berwyn, Beverly, Bickford, Bid, Bill, Birch, Birchall, Birkett, Birkey, Birley, Birney [Burney], Birtle, Bishop, Black, Blackburn, Blackstone, Blackwell, Blade, Blagden

Blake - Botolf
Blake [Blakely], Blakely, Blakeney, Blanford, Bligh, Bliss, Blythe [Bligh], Bob, Boden, Bolton, Bonar, Bond, Booker, Booth, Borden, Bosley, Boston, Boswell, Bosworth, Botolf

Bourne - Breck
Bourne [Burns], Boynton, Brad, Bradburn, Braddock, Bradford [Brad], Bradley [Lee], Brainard, Bramwell, Brand [Brant], Brandon [Branton], Branley, Branson, Brant, Branton, Brawley, Braxton, Bray, Brazier, Breck

Breckinridge - Bronson
Breckinridge, Brent [Brenton], Brenton, Brewster, Brick, Bridgely, Bridger, Briggs, Brigham [Briggs], Brighton, Brinley, Bristol, Britton, Brock, Brockhoist, Brockley, Brockton, Bromley, Bromwell, Bronson

Brooks - Burns
Brooks, Broughton, Brown, Bruno, Bryan, Bryant, Bryland, Buck [Buckley], Buckley, Buckminister, Bud, Buford [Ford], Bunyan, Burbank, Burchard, Burdett, Burford [Buford], Burl, Burleigh, Burns [Burney]

Burnet - Caine
Burnet, Burney, Burr, Burroughs, Burton [Bert], Buster, Butcher, Butler, Button, Buxton, Byford, Byram, Byrd, Byron [Byram], Cable, Cabot, Cadby, Caddis, Cade [Kaden], Caine

Caius - Caxton
Caius [Keyes], Cajetan, Calder, Caldwell, Cale, Calvert, Campion, Canby, Canfield, Carden, Carley, Carlton [Charlton], Carlyle [Carley], Carnell, Carrington, Carson, Carswell, Carter, Carver, Caxton

Cedric - Chesley
Cedric [Rick], Chad [Chadwick], Chadwick, Chalkley, Chamberlain, Champ, Champion [Champ], Chance [Chauncey], Chancellor [Chance], Chandler, Channing, Chanoch, Chaplin, Chapman, Chappel, Charles [Chuck, ..], Charlton [Carlton], Chase, Chauncey [Chance], Chesley

Chesney - Coakley
Chesney, Chester, Chetwin, Chilton, Chuck, Churchill, Claiborne [Clayborne], Claxton, Clay, Clayborne [Clay], Clayland, Clayton [Clayborne, ..], Cleavant, Cleveland, Cliff, Clifford [Cliff], Clifton [Cliff], Clinton, Clive, Coakley

Cobb - Coney
Cobb, Cobden, Cobham, Coburn, Coffin, Colburn, Colden, Cole, Coleridge, Colgate, Colley, Collier, Colt [Colter], Colter, Colton, Comstock, Concord, Conan, Conrad [Curt], Coney

Cooper - Crandall
Cooper, Cope, Corbin [Cory], Cordell, Corey [Cory], Corin, Corliss, Cornwallis, Cort [Curt], Corwin, Cory [Corey], Coster, Courtland, Covert, Covell, Covey, Covington, Cox, Craig, Crandall

Crane - Currier
Crane, Cranford, Cranley, Cranston, Craven, Crawford, Creed, Creighton, Cresswell [Carswell], Crockett, Crofton, Cromwell, Crook, Crosley, Crowell, Crowther, Croydon, Culver, Curley, Currier

Curt - Darnley
Curt, Curtis [Curt], Cuthbert, Cutler, Cyd, Cydney, Dagwood, Dainard, Dalbert [Delbert], Dale [Dallin], Dallin, Dalton [Delton], Dana [Dane], Dane, Dante, Daquan, Darby [Derby], Darin, Darnell, Darnley

Darrel - Delvin
Darrel [Darryl], Darrow, Darryl [Darrel], Dart, Darton, Darvin, Darwin [Derwin], Davis [Dayton], Dawson, Day, Dayton, Dean, Dearborn, Deems, Deforest, Delbert [Dalbert], Dell, Delmon, Delton [Dalton], Delvin

Dempster - Dexter
Dempster, Denham, Denholm, Denley, Denman, Dennis [Dennison], Dennison [Tennyson], Denver, Denzel, Derby, Derek, Derland, Derwin [Durwin], Des, Destry, Dev, Deverell, Devereux, Devon, Dexter

Diamond - Durward
Diamond, Dice, Dick [Dixon], Dickinson, Diggory, Dixon, Doane, Dobbs, Dodge, Don, Dover, Drake, Draper, Dryden, Duarte, Dudley, Dunley, Dunstan, Dunton, Durward

Durwin - Edmund
Durwin [Derwin], Dustin, Dyer, Dyson, Earl [Early], Earland [Erland], Earlham, Earlston, Early, Eastman, Easton, Eaton, Eberhard [Everard], Edbert, Eddie, Eden, Edgar [Ted, ..], Edison, Edmar, Edmund [Ted, ..]

Edred - Ellison
Edred, Edric, Edward [Ted, ..], Edwin [Ted, ..], Egbert, Egerton, Elbert, Elbridge, Elden [Elton], Elder, Eldon [Elden], Eldred [Aldred], Eldridge, Elford, Elger, Elgin, Ellery, Ellesmere, Ellington, Ellison

Ellsworth - Erland
Ellsworth, Ellwood [Elwood], Elman, Elmer [Aylmer], Elmore, Elrad, Elsdon, Elston, Elton [Eldon, ..], Elvin [Elwin], Elwell, Elwin [Wynn], Elwood [Ellwood], Emerson, Emmet, Emmons, Endicott, Epifanio, Eric [Rick], Erland

Erling - Ewing
Erling, Ernest, Erving, Erwin [Irwin], Escott, Esmond, Essex, Eston, Ethelbert [Bert], Ethelred, Ethelwulf, Ethelwin, Everard [Everett], Everest, Everett [Everard, ..], Everild, Everley, Everton, Ewald, Ewing

Factor - Felton
Factor, Faine, Fairbanks, Fairchild, Fairfax, Fallows, Faramond, Farley [Lee], Farmer, Farnell, Farnham, Farnley [Fernley], Farold, Faron [Farren], Farr, Farrar, Farren [Ferron], Farris, Faxon, Felton

Fenn - Fox
Fenn, Fenton [Fenn], Fenwick, Fernley [Farnley], Ferron, Festus, Fielding, Filmore, Finn, Fisher, Fisk, Fitch, Fleetwood, Fleming, Flint, Ford, Forest [Foster], Foster, Fowler, Fox

Francis - Galfrid
Francis, Franklin, Frayne, Freeborn, Freed, Freedom, Freeman, French, Frewin, Frick, Fridolf, Frost, Fry, Fuller, Fulton, Gabbo, Gael [Gale], Gaillard, Gale [Gael], Galfrid

Galt - Geary
Galt, Galton [Galt], Gardner, Garfield [Gary], Garland, Garman, Garrad, Garrard, Garrick, Garrison, Garroway, Garry, Garson, Garton [Gorton], Garvin, Gary [Gaz], Gauthier, Gavan, Gaz, Geary

Gentry - Goldwin
Gentry, Geoff, Gerry, Gibbes, Gibson [Gilson], Gifford, Gilman, Gilmer, Gilson, Glade, Gladstone, Gladwin, Glenavon, Glover, Goddard, Godric, Godwin [Goodwin], Golding, Goldsmith, Goldwin

Gomer - Gresham
Gomer, Goodman, Goodwin, Goodyear, Gordon, Gore, Gorham, Gorrell, Gorton, Graham, Grant, Grantland, Granville, Graves, Gray [Grey], Graydon, Grayson [Graydon], Greeley, Greenwood, Gresham

Grey - Hallward
Grey [Gray], Gridley, Grimshaw, Grimsley, Grover, Guildford, Hadden, Hadley, Hadwin, Hagley, Haig, Halbert, Hale, Haley [Halley], Halford, Hall, Hallam, Halley, Halliwell, Hallward

Halsey - Harlow
Halsey, Halstead, Halton [Halton], Hamilton [Hamill], Hamill, Hampden, Hampton, Hancock, Hanford, Hanley [Henley], Harden, Harding, Hardwick, Hardwin, Hardy, Harford, Hargrove, Harlan, Harley [Arley], Harlow [Harlow]

Harold - Hawthorne
Harold [Harry], Harper, Harrington, Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hartford, Hartley, Hartwell, Harvard, Harvey, Harwood, Haslett, Hastings, Haven, Hawes, Hawk, Hawkins, Hawley, Hawthorne

Hayes - Hewson
Hayes, Hayward, Haywood [Heywood], Hazleton, Hazlewood, Heath, Heathcliff, Hector, Hedley, Henderson, Hendrick, Henley, Henry [Hendrick], Herbert [Herbert], Hereward, Herman, Herndon, Herne, Hernley, Hewson

Heywood - Homer
Heywood, Hilary [Hill], Hill, Hilliard, Hilton, Hitchcock, Hockley, Hockney, Hobbes, Hobson, Hodgson, Holbrook, Holcomb, Holden, Holiday, Hollis, Holman, Holmes, Holt, Homer

Hooker - Hurst
Hooker, Hooper, Horatius, Horsley, Horton [Orton], Houghton, Houston [Hewson], Howard [Ward], Howe, Howland, Hoyt, Hudson, Hume, Humphrey, Hunt, Hunter [Hunt], Huntington [Hunt], Huntley, Hurlbert, Hurst

Hutton - Jarell
Hutton, Huxford, Huxley, Hyacinth, Hyatt, Inglebert, Ingram, Inigo, Inman, Irwin [Erwin], Isham, Ivo [Ivo], Jace, Jack, Jackson [Jack], Jagger, Jago, Jake, Jameson, Jarell [Jerrell]

Jarl - Keane
Jarl [Jarell], Jarrod [Jerrod], Jefferson, Jefford, Jerald, Jerard, Jerrell [Jarell], Jerrick, Jerrod [Jarrod], Jerry [Gerry], Jessamine, Jody, Joe, Johnson, Jon, Joss, Joyner, Justice, Kaden, Keane

Keaton - Kerwin
Keaton, Keats, Kedrick, Kelsey, Kelton, Kelvin, Kemp, Kempton, Ken, Kendall, Kendrick [Ken], Kenelm, Kenley, Kennard, Kent, Kenton, Kenward, Kenway, Kerrick, Kerwin

Keyes - Ladd
Keyes, Kidd, Kim, Kimberly [Kim], King, Kingman, Kingsley, Kingston, Kingswell, Kipling, Kipp, Kirkland, Kirkley, Kirkwell, Kirkwood, Knightley, Knoll, Knox, Kynaston, Ladd

Ladell - Latimer
Ladell, Laird, Lancaster, Lander, Landon, Lane, Langdon [Landon], Langford, Langhorne, Langley, Langston, Langward, Langworth, Lanny, Lark, Larnell, Larry, Lathan, Lathrop, Latimer

Laurean - Linn
Laurean, Lauriston, Lawford, Lawrence [Loren], Lawson, Lawton, Lee, Leighton, Leland, Lenny, Lester, Lincoln [Link], Lindell, Lindhurst, Lindley, Lindsay, Lindford [Lynford], Link, Linley, Linn

Linton - Lynley
Linton, Litton [Lytton], Livingston, Locke [Lockwood], Lockhart, Lockwood, Lodge, Long, Longfellow, Lord, Loren, Lothar, Lowman, Loyal, Lucky, Ludlow, Luke [Lucky], Lyndon, Lynford, Lynley

Lytton - Marley
Lytton, Mabry, Mace, Maitland, Malak, Malden, Malik, Malin, Manchester, Manley, Manning, Mansel, Mansfield, Manton, Marden, Mariano, Marion [Mariano], Markham, Marland [Marlon], Marley

Marlon - Mayfield
Marlon [Marland], Marlow, Marmaduke, Marriner, Marsden, Marsh, Marston, Martel, Marvell, Marvin, Marwood, Maryland, Masefield, Mason, Mather, Matthew, Maxfield, Maxwell, Mayes, Mayfield

Mccoy - Miller
Mccoy, Mead, Medford, Melbourne [Milburn], Meldon, Meldrick, Melvin, Mercer, Merlin [Marlon], Merrill, Merritt, Mersey, Merton, Middleton, Mike, Milbank, Milburn, Milford, Millard, Miller [Millard]

Mills - Nash
Mills, Milo, Milton, Minster, Mitchell, Mitford, Mochan [Mason], Modred, Monckton, Montgomery, Moore, Moreland [Morland], Morgan, Morland, Morley, Morse, Morton, Moss, Myles, Nash

Naylor - Norvin
Naylor, Ned, Nelson [Niles], Nesbit, Newbury, Newcomb, Newell, Newland, Newman, Newport, Newton, Nick [Nixon], Nickleby, Niles [Nyles], Nixon, Norman, Northcliff, Northrop, Norton, Norvin

Norward - Osbert
Norward, Norwell, Norwood, Nyles, Oakes, Oakley [Oakes], Odell [Dell], Ogden, Olin, Onslow, Oran [Orrin], Orford, Orman, Ormond, Orrick, Orrin, Orton, Orval, Orvin, Osbert

Oscar - Pascal
Oscar, Osgood, Osier, Osmar, Osred, Osric, Oswin, Otis, Otto, Oxford, Paley, Palmer, Paris, Parker, Parkins, Parr, Parry, Parsons, Parton, Pascal

Patterson - Pierce
Patterson, Patton, Paxton, Peabody, Peale, Peel, Pelham, Pell, Pendleton, Penley, Penn, Peregrine, Perkin, Perry [Parry], Peyton, Phelps, Philander, Phipps, Pickford, Pierce

Pike - Purvis
Pike, Piper, Pitney, Pitt, Plantagenet, Pollard, Pollock, Pope, Porfirio, Porter, Portland, Potter, Powell, Pratt, Prentice, Prescott, Presley, Preston, Proverb, Purvis

Quiller - Randy
Quiller, Quinton, Quintrell, Rad, Radbert, Radburn, Radcliff, Radford [Redford], Radley, Radnor, Raines, Raleigh, Ralph [Raoul], Ralston, Ramsay, Ramsden, Rand, Randi, Randolph [Randy], Randy [Randi]

Rankin - Renton
Rankin, Ransford, Ransley, Ransom, Raoul, Raven, Ray, Rayburn, Read [Reid], Reading, Redford [Radford], Redley [Radley], Redman, Reed [Reid], Reeve, Reid [Reed], Remington, Renfred, Renshaw, Renton

Renwick - Robinson
Renwick, Rexford, Rexton, Richard [Rick], Rick, Rickward, Rider [Ryder], Ridge, Ridgeway, Ridgeley, Ridley, Riley [Ryley], Ring, Ripley, Risley, Riston, River, Roark, Robin, Robinson

Rochester - Royce
Rochester [Chester], Rockley, Rocklin, Rockwell, Rocky [Rockwell], Rodney, Roe, Roland [Lanny], Ronald, Ronson, Roper, Rover, Rowdon, Rowdy, Rowell, Rowley, Roxbert, Roxbury, Royal, Royce

Royden - Sackville
Royden, Royston, Rudd, Rudyard, Ruford, Rugby, Rumford, Rush, Rushford, Ruston, Rusty, Rutherford, Rutledge, Rutley, Rycroft, Ryder, Ryland, Ryley, Sacheverell, Sackville

Sadler - Seabury
Sadler, Safford, Sail, Sainsbury, Salisbury, Salton, Sanborn, Sandberg, Sanders, Sanditon, Sandhurst, Sanford, Sawyer, Saxe, Saxon [Saxe], Scott, Scribner, Seabert, Seabrook, Seabury

Seaman - Shaw
Seaman, Searle, Seaton [Seton], Sedgley, Sedgwick, Sefton, Seger, Selby, Seldon, Sellers, Selwyn, Seton, Severn, Seward, Sewell, Sexton, Seymour, Shad, Shandy, Shaw

Sheffield - Sinjin
Sheffield, Sheldon, Shelley, Shelton, Shepherd, Shepley, Sherborn, Sherill, Sherlock, Sherman, Sherwin, Sherwood, Shipton, Sidney [Sydney], Sill, Silverton, Simmons, Simpson, Sinclair, Sinjin

Skinner - Spencer
Skinner, Skip, Skye, Slade, Slater, Slim, Smedley, Smith, Snowden, Somerby, Somers, Somerset, Somerton, Sonny, Sothern, Southwell, Spalding, Spear, Speed, Spencer

Spike - Stepney
Spike, Springer, Squire, Stafford, Stanbury, Stancliff, Standish, Stanfield, Stanford, Stanley, Stanmore, Stanton, Stanway, Stanwick, Stanwood, Starr, Steadman, Steed, Steele, Stepney

Sterling - Sturm
Sterling, Sterne, Stetson, Steve, Steven, Stewart [Stuart], Stiles, Stillman, Stockard, Stockley, Stockton, Stockwell, Stoddard, Stoney, Storm [Sturm], Stratford, Strickland, Strong, Stuart [Stewart], Sturm

Styles - Talon
Styles [Stiles], Sudbury, Suffield, Suffolk, Sully, Sumner, Sutcliff, Sutton, Swaine, Swanton, Swinburne, Swinford, Swinton, Swithin, Sydney, Tab, Tad, Taft, Tallis, Talon

Tamerlane - Thatcher
Tamerlane, Tamson, Tandie, Tanner, Tanton, Tarleton, Tate, Taverner, Tavin, Taylor, Tayson, Ted, Tedmund, Tempest, Templeton, Tennant, Tennyson, Terran, Thane, Thatcher

Thaw - Tomlin
Thaw, Thayer, Thorley, Thormond, Thorndike, Thorne, Thornley, Thornton, Thornycroft, Thorpe, Thurlow, Thurston, Tilden, Tilford, Tillman, Tilton, Toby, Todd, Todhunter, Tomlin

Tompkins - Tune
Tompkins, Tony, Torr, Tory, Tower, Townsend, Trace, Trail, Trenton, Trevin, Trevis, Trey, Trowbridge, True, Truesdale, Truman, Trumble, Tucker, Tudor, Tune

Tupper - Vance
Tupper, Turk, Turner, Twain, Twyford, Ty, Tyler [Ty], Udell [Dell], Udolf, Ulmer, Ulric [Rick], Uncas, Unwin, Updike, Upshaw, Upton, Upwood, Uther, Vail, Vance

Vane - Walford
Vane, Vernon, Vidal, Viggo, Villiers, Vinson, Vinton, Wade, Wadham, Wadley, Wadsworth, Wainwright, Waite, Wakefield, Wakeley, Wakeman, Walcott [Wolcott], Walden, Waldwick, Walford

Walker - Warwick
Walker, Wallace [Walsh], Waller, Walsh, Walter [Watkins], Waltham, Walton, Walworth, Walwyn, Warburton, Ward, Wardell, Wardley, Ware, Warfield, Warford, Warley, Warren [Ware], Warton [Wharton], Warwick

Washburn - Wentworth
Washburn, Washington, Waterford, Watkins, Watson, Waverley [Waverley], Wayland [Wylan], Wayne, Weaver, Webb [Webster], Webley, Webster [Webb], Wedgwood, Welborne, Weldon, Welford, Wellington, Wells, Welton, Wentworth

Wesley - Whitehead
Wesley, Westbrook, Westby, Westcott, Westerly, Weston, Wetherby, Wetherell, Wetherly, Wharton [Warton], Wheatley, Wheaton, Wheeler, Wheelwright, Whistler, Whitbeck, Whitby, Whitcomb, White, Whitehead

Whitelaw - Willie
Whitelaw, Whitfield, Whitford, Whitley, Whitlock, Whitman, Whitmore, Whitney, Whittaker, Wickham, Wickley, Wiley [Wylie], Wilford, Wilfred, Wilkes, Wilkinson, Willard, Willet, William [Wilson, ..], Willie

Willis - Woodward
Willis [Willie], Willoughby, Wilson, Wilton, Windsor, Winfield, Wingate, Winslow, Winsted, Winston, Winter, Winthrop, Winton, Winwood, Wolcott, Wolfgang, Woodrow, Woodson, Woodstock, Woodward

Woolworth - Yonas
Woolworth, Worth, Wortham, Wright, Wyatt, Wyck, Wycliff, Wycombe, Wylan, Wyler, Wylie [Wiley], Wyman, Wyndham, Wynn, Wystan, Yale, Yardley, Yates, Yeoman, Yonas

Yorick - Zeke
Yorick, York [Yorick], Young, Yule, Zeke