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Adam - Cyprian

.. boy in a family that has .. [Edom, Atkins, Adnot, Adim, Adem, Addis, Addam, .. 17 more]

.. by a powerful family long established .. [Aynslie, Ainslie, .. 5 more]

.. America as a family related to .. [Ritchy, Ritchie, Ritch, Richy, Eldrich, .. 17 more]

.. the old Roman family name Antonius .. [Twan, Antwahn, Antonino, Antonin, Antoney, Antin, Anntoin, Anthone, .. 24 more]

.. from the Latin family name Attilius .. [Attilio, Atilo, .. 3 more]

.. form of the family name Aurelius .. [Oriel, Aurelo, .. 4 more]

.. of the royal family of France .. [Borbon]

A family name in Old New ..

.. an influenctial Norman family in Scottish .. [Brucie, .. 1 more]

.. an old Roman family name, borne .. [Bruto]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Family names: Adam, Anthony, Aurelio, Bruce, Brutus

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Family names: Calvin, Candelario, Cassius, Cecil, Claiborne

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Family names: Clarence, Crispin

.. prominent Boston mercantile and shipping family. [Cabbot]

.. A Roman family clan name turned .. [Vinnie, Kalvin, Calvino, .. 1 more]

.. day the Holy Family took the .. [Candelero, Candelareo, .. 2 more]

An old Roman family clan name .. [Cassio, Cash, .. 1 more]

.. a great noble family Seissylt, from .. [Celio, Cecyl, Cecilius, Cecilio]

.. is also a Chinese family name ..

.. surname of a major American family .. [Claybourne, Clayborne, Clayborn, Claibourne, Claibourn, Claiborn, .. 2 more]

.. a girl from the Clare family .. [Klarenz, Clarrence, Claronz, Claron, .. 8 more]

.. the old Roman family name Crispus .. [Crisspin, Crispo, Crispino, .. 4 more]

From the family name Cyprianus. Name .. [Cyprien, Ciprien, Cipriano]

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1. Adam - Cyprian
Adam [Edom, Atim, Adom, Atkins, ..], Ainsley [Ansley, Aynslie, Aynsley, Aynslee, ..], Aldrich [Ritch, Ritchy, Ritchie, Ritchey, ..], Anthony [Twan, Tony, Toni, Toney, ..], Attila [Atilo, Attilio, Attilia, Atilano], Aurelio [Oriel, Aurelo, Aurelius, Aureliano, ..], Bourbon [Borbon], Brockhoist, Bruce [Brucie, Brucey], Brutus [Bruto], Cabot [Cabbot], Calvin [Cal, Vinnie, Kalvin, Calvino], Candelario [Candelero, Candelaro, Candelerio, Candelareo], Cassius [Cash, Cass, Cassio], Cecil [Celio, Cecyl, Cecilio, Cecilius], Chan, Claiborne [Clayborn, Clayborne, Claybourn, Claybourne, ..], Clarence [Clarry, Klarenz, Clarrie, Klarance, ..], Crispin [Crispo, Crispus, Crisspin, Crispino, ..], Cyprian [Cyprien, Ciprien, Cipriano]

Darin [Daryn, Derrin, Derren, Derrian, ..], Dodge [Dod, Dodds, Dodgson], Douglas [Doug, Dugaid, Douglass], Dudley, Edward [Ted, Teddy, Teddie, Neddie, ..], Emiliano [Milan, Emeliano], Ennio, Everard [Evraud, Evrard, Everett, Everhart, ..], Ewing [Ewin, Ewynn], Fester [Vester], Fulvio, Gardner [Gardie, Gardnar, Gardnard, Gardiner, ..], Garron [Geron, Garrin, Garren, Garran, ..], Gaylord [Gay, Gaylor, Gayler, Gayelord, ..], Gibbes [Gibb, Gibbe, Gibbs, Gybbes], Gibson [Gibbs, Gilson, Gillson, Gibbons, ..], Grimaldo [Grimaldi], Herbert [Herbie, Heribert, Herberto, Heriberto, ..], Hewett [Hewie, Hewitt, Hewlitt, Hewlett], Horace [Horry, Horaz, Orazio, Oratio, ..]

Horatius, Julian [Julio, Julyan, Julius, Julien, ..], Keith, Kenelm [Kennelm, Kenhelm], Lennox [Lenox], Livingston [Livingsten, Livingstin, Livingstone], Lowell [Lowe, Lowel, Lovel, Lovell], Maximus [Maxy, Maximo, Maxime, Maximos, ..], Milan, Mortimer [Mort, Morty, Mortymer], Octavio [Octavo, Ottavio, Octavus, Octavious, ..], Parnell [Parnel, Parrnell], Peel [Peele], Penn [Pen], Plantagenet, Quincy [Quin, Quinsy, Quincey], Remington, Rutherford [Rutherfurd], Sacheverell [Sachie], Soren

Stuart [Stewart, Steward], Vane, Wadsworth [Waddsworth], Walker, Windsor [Winsor, Wyndsor], Winston [Wynston, Wynstan, Winsten, Winstonn, ..], York [Yorke, Yorick, Yorrick]