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Alfonso - Vermont

.. Alfonso has been favored by Spanish .. [Fonzo, Alonzo, Alfonz, Alfons, Affonso, .. 13 more]

.. forms have been favored by the .. [Karoly, Karolik, Karolek, Karol, Karel, Chip, Chick, Chas, Charley, Charleson, .. 17 more]

.. rhyming patterns of favored names like .. [Dorrin, .. 5 more]

.. similarity to another favored name, Justin. [Dustyn, Dusten, Dustan, .. 2 more]

.. that is a favored royal name .. [Rico, Hinrich, Heinrick, Heiner, Hein, Harri, Hal, Enrico, .. 28 more]

.. combined with the favored end sound .. [Jontez, .. 4 more]

.. also a favored name of Polish .. [Kazmer, Kazimir, Kaz, .. 1 more]

.. peregrine falcon is favored in the .. [Peregryn, Peregrino, .. 1 more]

.. his name from his favored jewelry. [Ringo]

.. Especially favored by the Scots due .. [Ruprecht, Robson, Robinson, Robers, Robbie, Robben, Rob, Rab, Bertie, Bert, .. 20 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Favored names: Alfonso, Charles, Dustin, Henry, Jonte

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Favored names: Robert, Sidney

.. Sidney is favored for boys; Sydney .. [Sydney, Syd, .. 1 more]

.. New England state favored by skiers ..

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1. Alfonso - Vermont
Alfonso [Fonz, Fonzo, Fonzie, Foncho, Alphonz, Alphonso, Alphonse, Alphonsus, ..], Charles [Karl, Chip, Karol, Karel, Chuck, Karoly, Karolik, Karolek, ..], Dorran [Doran, Dorrin, Dorren, Dorrel, Dorrell, Dorrance], Dustin [Dusty, Dustyn, Duston, Dusten, Dustan], Henry [Rico, Henri, Heriot, Henryk, Henrik, Hinrich, Herrior, Henrique, ..], Jonte [Jontez, Jontae, Johnte, Jontell, Johntay], Kasimir [Kaz, Kazmer, Kazimir, Kazimierz], Peregrine [Peregryn, Peregrin, Peregrino], Ring [Ringo], Robert [Robyn, Robin, Rupert, Robson, Ruperto, Ruprecht, Robynson, Robinson, ..], Sidney [Sid, Syd, Sydney], Vermont