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Alfred - Macmurray

A rather common name before the .. [Fredo, Freddie, Fred, Elfred, Alfredas, Alfre, Alfeo, Alf, Al, Ahlfred, .. 11 more]

.. "urbane", as personified by Fred Astaire .. [Bonner, Bonnar]

.. "Finian's Rainbow" was Fred Astaire's last .. [Phinian, Fionnan, Fionn, Fionan, Finnen, Finna, Finenn, Fiinean, .. 3 more]

Short form of Frederick and Alfred. [Freddy, Freddie]

From fred or frid meaning "peace" .. [Rikki, Rike, Rik, Rick, Fryderky, Fritzi, Friedel, Fredi, Frederico, Fred, .. 31 more]

Actor Fred Mcmurray. [Mcmurray]

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1. Alfred - Macmurray
Alfred [Alfy, Fred, Fredo, Avery, Freddy, Elfred, Freddie, Alfredos, ..], Bonar [Bonner, Bonnar], Finnian [Finna, Fionn, Fionan, Finnen, Finian, Phinian, Phinean, Fionnan, ..], Fred [Freddy, Freddie], Frederick [Rik, Rike, Rick, Rich, Rikki, Rikke, Ricky, Fredro, ..], Macmurray [Mcmurray]