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Ambrose - Gage

.. Civil War General Ambrose E. Burnside. [Emrys, Ambroz, Ambros, Ambroggio, .. 13 more]

Root fr. Arabic. "General."

.. , Roman triumvir and general, sat on .. [Twan, Toney, Antwon, Antuwan, Antun, Antonino, Antoni, Antoney, Antal, .. 23 more]

.. was a famous general and statesman .. [Aristide, Ari, .. 1 more]

.. three prominent Confederate generals, Pierre Beauregard .. [Beau]

.. this surname was General Omar N .. [Lee, Bradlea, Bradd, .. 6 more]

.. one of Alexander the Great's generals .. [Kletus, Cleo, .. 7 more]

.. one of Alexander the Great's generals ..

.. Famous English general in the revolutionary ..

.. General Curtis Le May; golfer Curtis .. [Kurtis, Curtiss, Curcio, .. 3 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of General names: Ambrose, Anthony, Beauregard, Bradley, Cletus

Top 2000 baby names ranking of General names: Curtis, Douglas, Early, Edwin, Elliot

Top 2000 baby names ranking of General names: Erwin, Eustace, Forest, Gage

.. Secretary General and Nobel Peace Prize .. [Dagny, Dagget, .. 2 more]

.. General Douglas MacArthur. [Dugaid, .. 2 more]

.. Confederate General Jubal Early. [Erly, Earley, .. 2 more]

.. Attorney General Edwin Meese III. [Teddy, Teddie, Ted, Neddie, Ned, Edvin, Eduino, Edlin, Eddy, .. 5 more]

.. Attorney General Elliot Richardson. [Elyott, Elliott, .. 4 more]

General Erwin Rommel. [Irwin]

.. was a Roman general who was .. [Stacey, Eustis, Eustasius, Eustachios, .. 10 more]

The Roman general Lucius Cornelius Sulla .. [Faustus, Fausto, Faustino, .. 1 more]

.. hard charging Confederate General Nathan Bedford .. [Foster, .. 4 more]

.. The British General Thomas Gage was .. [Gauge, .. 1 more]

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1. Ambrose - Gage
Ambrose [Amby, Emrys, Brose, Ambrus, Ambroz, Ambrossij, ..], Amid, Anthony [Twan, Tony, Toni, Toney, Thonus, Teunis, ..], Aristides [Ari, Aristide, Aristeides], Beauregard [Beau], Bradley [Lee, Bradly, Bradney, Bradlie, Bradlee, Bradleigh, ..], Cletus [Kletus, Kletos, Clitus, Cletos, Cletis, Cleytus, ..], Clitus, Cornwallis, Curtis [Curt, Kurtis, Curcio, Curtiss, Curtice, Curtell], Dag [Daeg, Dagny, Dagget, Daggett], Douglas [Doug, Dugaid, Douglass], Early [Erly, Erlie, Earlie, Earley], Edwin [Ted, Ned, Teddy, Neddy, Teddie, Neddie, ..], Elliot [Eli, Elyot, Eliot, Elyott, Eliott, Elliott], Erwin [Irwin], Eustace [Stacey, Eustis, Eustiss, Eustazio, Jevstachi, Eustatius, ..], Faust [Fausto, Faustus, Faustin, Faustino], Forest [Foster, Forster, Forrest, Forester, Forrester], Gage [Gauge, Gaige]

Gordon [Gordy, Gordie, Gorden, Gordan], Hamilcar [Amilcar, Amilcare], Hampton [Hampten], Hannibal [Anibal, Anibale], Havelock, Hooker, Houston [Huston, Hewson, Hutcheson, Hutchinson], Jackson [Jax, Jaxon, Jaxen, Jaxson, Jakson, Jacson, ..], Jeb, Jubal, Lander [Land, Landry, Landor, Landis, Landiss, Landers], Lee [Lea, Leigh], Macarthur [Mcarthur], Mead [Meed, Meade], Mustafa [Mustapha], Norman [Norm, Normie, Normen, Normand, Normando], Olimpio [Olimpo, Olympus, Olympio, Olympios], Omar [Omer, Omarr], Patton [Paton, Patin, Paten, Pattin, Patten], Ramsay [Ramzi, Ramzey, Ramsey]

Reno, Robert [Robyn, Rupert, Robson, Ruperto, Ruprecht, Robynson, ..], Scipio, Seward [Siward, Sewerd], Sheridan [Sheredan, Sheridon, Sherridan], Sherman [Shermon, Shermann, Shearman, Scherman, Schermann], Tecumseh, Wade [Wayde, Wadell, Waydell, Waddell], Winfield [Wynfield, Winnfield, Wynnsfield]