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Garrard - Gerard

.. Gerard via the German form, Gerhard. [Gerard, Gerhard, .. 1 more]

From gr, gr "spear" .. [Jerry, Jerrold, Girault, Girauld, Geryld, Gerrold, Gerrild, Gerrald, Gerallt, Gerolld, Gerhard, .. 29 more]

From gr, gr "spear" .. [Jerry, Jerrott, Jerarrd, Jerard, Gherardo, Girault, Gerry, Gerri, Gerhardt, Gerhard, .. 21 more]

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1. Garrard - Gerard
Garrard [Gerard, Gerhard, Gerhardt], Gerald [Jerry, Jerri, Jerold, Jerald, Jerrold, Jarrett, Girault, Girauld, ..], Gerard [Jared, Jerry, Jerard, Jarard, Jerrott, Jerrard, Jerarrd, Jerardo, ..]