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Geronimo - Jerome

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Geronimo names: Geronimo, Jerome

"Sacred name." .. The Native American Geronimo (19th century) .. [Heronimo, Herinomos, Hieronimo, .. 3 more]

From Hieronymos .. [Gerome, Geronimo, Hieronimo, Hieronymos, Jairome, Jeroen, Jeromo, Jerrome, Jerrone, Jerry, .. 10 more]

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1. Geronimo - Jerome
Geronimo [Heronimo, Jeronimo, Herinomos, Jeronimus, Hieronimo, Hieronymus], Jerome [Jerry, Jeroen, Jerron, Jeromo, Jairome, Jerrome, Jerrone, Jeronimo, ..]