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Cabot - Yovanny

.. is known as Giovanni Caboto which .. [Cabbot]

.. was originally named Giovanni, the Italian .. [Proinsias, Panchito, Franzi, Franzen, Franz, Frann, Franciszek, Franciskus, Francisco, Franchot, .. 33 more]

"God is gracious." Artist Giovanni Bellini; author Giovanni Boccaccio .. [Jovanno, Giovonni, Giovell, Giovel, Gianni, Gian, Geovanny, Geovani, .. 11 more]

Biblical .. [Zane, Yanno, Vanko, Seann, Sean, Juwan, Juanito, Juan, Jonnie, Jon, Giovanni, .. 74 more]

.. also be phonetic forms of Giovanni. [Jovon, Jovito, Jovanni, Jovann, Jeovany, .. 8 more]

Phonetic variant on Giovanni, the Italian .. [Yovanni, Yovanney]

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1. Cabot - Yovanny
Cabot [Cabbot], Francis [Paco, Pancho, Paquito, Pacorro, Panchito, Proinsias, Frasquito, Frascuelo, ..], Giovanni [Jovan, Giovel, Jovanno, Jovanni, Giovell, Jovanney, Giovonni, Giovanny, ..], John [Zane, Yanno, Yanni, Vanya, Vanko, Vanek, Shawn, Shaun, ..], Jovan [Jovi, Jove, Jovon, Jovin, Jovito, Jovany, Jovanny, Jovanni, ..], Yovanny [Yovanni, Yovanney]