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Cosmo - Jeffrey

.. the Duke of Gordon took the .. [Kosmo, Cosimo, .. 1 more]

.. Football player Darrien Gordon. [Darryen, Darrian, .. 4 more]

.. the British general Charles George Gordon .. [Gordy, .. 3 more]

Also possibly a respelling of Gordon. [Gorten]

.. Race car driver Jeff Gordon. [Joffrey, Joffre, Jeffy, Jefferson, Jefferies, Jefery, Godfrey, Geofrey, Geoffry, Geoffroi, .. 14 more]

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1. Cosmo - Jeffrey
Cosmo [Kosmo, Cosme, Cosimo], Darrien [Darion, Darian, Darryen, Darryan, Darrion, Darrian], Gordon [Gordy, Gordie, Gorden, Gordan], Gorton [Gorten], Jeffrey [Jefry, Jeffy, Joffre, Jeffry, Joffrey, Jeffree, Jeoffroi, Jeffries, ..]