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Christian - John

.. the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen .. [Krystiano, Krystian, Kris, Kit, Criston, Cristiano, Cristen, Christan, Chretien, Chrestien, .. 15 more]

Diminutive of Hans.

"God is gracious." .. Writer Hans Christian Andersen. [Hanzel, Hanss, .. 4 more]

Diminutive of Hans, from John. Familiar .. [Hanzel]

Source fr. Scandinavian, German, Danish elements. "Son of Hans." Singing brothers Taylor, Isaac, and Zac .. [Hansson, .. 2 more]

Variant of John .. [Janos, Hans, .. 2 more]

Biblical .. [Zane, Yanni, Vanya, Vanko, Shawn, Shaun, Shane, Seann, Jonnie, Johnny, Hans, .. 74 more]

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1. Christian - John
Christian [Kit, Kris, Kristo, Cristy, Krister, Krystian, Kristian, Krystiano, ..], Hampus, Hans [Han, Hanss, Hanns, Hanzel, Hansel, Hannes], Hansel [Hanzel], Hanson [Hansen, Hansson, Hanssen], Jan [Jano, Hans, Janos, Janek], John [Zane, Yanno, Yanni, Vanya, Vanko, Vanek, Shawn, Shaun, ..]