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Harold baby names and what they mean, with 6 results.

Darold - Walter

.. of Daryl and Harold or Gerald. [Derrold, Darrold, .. 1 more]

.. who was father of King Harold. [Goodwynne, Goodwyn, Godwyn, Godin, Godewyn, .. 5 more]

"Army ruler." .. associated with King Harold (11th century) .. [Herryck, Herold, Herlad, Heraldo, Harrell, Garold, .. 14 more]

.. a nickname of Henry and Harold .. [Heimrich, .. 2 more]

.. theatrical producer Harold Prince. [Prinze, Prinz, Printz, .. 2 more]

.. same as the elements of Harold .. [Watkins, Gautier, Gauthier, .. 10 more]

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1. Darold - Walter
Darold [Derald, Derrold, Darrold], Godwin [Godin, Godwyn, Goodwyn, Goodwin, Godwinn, Godewyn, Goodwynn, Goodwynne, ..], Harold [Harry, Herold, Herlad, Herryck, Herrick, Herrold, Heraldo, Harrell, ..], Harry [Hal, Harrie, Heimrich], Prince [Prinz, Prinze, Printz, Printze, Princeton], Walter [Wat, Walt, Wally, Walder, Valter, Watkins, Walther, Valther, ..]