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Bogart - Rick

.. Made famous by actor Humphrey Bogart. [Bogy, Bogey, .. 4 more]

Poet Ellis Humphrey Evans used Hedd .. [Hedwynn, .. 2 more]

.. American Vice President Hubert Humphrey. [Ulberto, Uberto, Hugh, Hubie, Hobart, .. 6 more]

"Peaceful warrior." .. A saint's name. Actor Humphrey Bogart. [Wmffre, .. 14 more]

.. Humphrey Bogart's character in "Casablanca" was .. [Rique, Rikky, Rickie, Ricci, .. 11 more]

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1. Bogart - Rick
Bogart [Bogy, Bogie, Bogey, Bogaerd, Bogaart, Bogaard], Heddwyn [Hedwin, Hedwyn, Hedwynn], Hubert [Hugh, Hube, Hubie, Uberto, Hobart, Ulberto, Huberto, Hubbard, ..], Humphrey [Onfre, Wmffre, Onfroi, Humpie, Onofrio, Humphry, Onofredo, Hunfredo, ..], Rick [Rik, Rikk, Rico, Rique, Rikky, Rikki, Rikke, Ricky, ..]