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Jack - Rousseau

.. John (Hebrew), or Jacques, the French .. [Jaq, Jak, Jacky, Jacko, .. 4 more]

Also possibly from "la aqov" hence .. [Yaqub, Shamus, Seamus, Kapel, Jay, Jamsey, Jakov, Jakie, Jacquet, Jacques, .. 51 more]

"He who supplants." .. well known song "Frére Jacques" .. [Jock, Jaques, Jacque, .. 2 more]

From Late Latin Iacomus, a variant .. [Seamus, Jem, Jaymes, Jamie, Jameson, Jame, Jacques, Jacob, Diego, .. 19 more]

.. was named for Jacques Laramie, a ..

Jean Jacques Rousseau was an 18th .. [Russo, Roussell]

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1. Jack - Rousseau
Jack [Jaq, Jak, Jacq, Jacky, Jacko, Jacqin, Jackie, Jackman], Jacob [Yaqub, Yakup, Yakov, Kobus, Kapel, Shamus, Seamus, Jimmie, ..], Jacques [Jaq, Jock, Jacot, Jaques, Jacque], James [Jem, Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, Jemmy, Seamus, Jimmie, Jaymie, ..], Laramie, Rousseau [Russo, Roussell]