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Battista - Shawn

.. name, "Gian Battista" or "Jean Baptiste". [Bautista, Baptiste, .. 1 more]

.. French religious reformer Jean Calvin, whose .. [Vinnie, Kalvin, .. 2 more]

.. Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. [Gualtiero, Gaultier, Galtero, .. 2 more]

.. Film director Jean Luc Godeheard. [Gotthart, Gotthardt, Goddart, Godard, .. 5 more]

"God is gracious." Jean is sometimes hyphenated with another .. [Jeanpierre, Jeanpaul, Jeanclaude, .. 3 more]

.. to hyphenate Joh, Jean, Jon, Sean .. [Zane, Yanno, Vanya, Vanek, Jovanney, Jonnie, Johnpaul, Johnny, Johnie, Johnn, Jean, .. 74 more]

.. See also Jean. [Jonpaul, Joncorey, .. 8 more]

.. critic George Jean Nathan; actor Nathan .. [Nathon, Nathen, Nat, .. 2 more]

Jean Jacques Rousseau was an 18th .. [Russo, Roussell]

Variant of John, from French Jean .. [Shawn, Shaun, Shane, Seanmark, Seancarlo, .. 2 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jean names: Calvin, Jean, John, Jon, Nathan

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jean names: Sean, Shawn

.. of the John, Jean, Sean group .. [Shonn, Shawnn, Shaun, .. 4 more]

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1. Battista - Shawn
Battista [Baptist, Bautista, Baptiste], Calvin [Cal, Vinnie, Kalvin, Calvino], Gauthier [Gautier, Galtero, Gaultier, Gualtiero, Gualterio], Goddard [Godart, Gothart, Godhart, Goddart, Gotthart, Gotthard, Godhardt, Gotthardt], Jean [Jeanluc, Jeanpaul, Jeancarlo, Jeanpierre, Jeanclaude, Jeanphilippe], John [Zane, Yanno, Yanni, Vanya, Vanko, Vanek, Shawn, Shaun, ..], Jon [Jonn, Jonte, Jonny, Jontae, Jonnie, Jonpaul, Jonluke, Jondavid, ..], Nathan [Nat, Nate, Natan, Nathon, Nathen], Rousseau [Russo, Roussell], Sean [Shawn, Shaun, Shane, Shaughn, Seanmark, Seancarlo, Seanpatrick], Shawn [Shaun, Shonn, Shawnn, Shawnel, Shaughn, Shawnell, Shaundre]