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Carter - Stewart

Former President Jimmy Carter; football player .. [Cartrell, .. 1 more]

.. entertainer Jimmy Durante. [Durrant, .. 4 more]

.. the movie "Harvey", Jimmy Stewart was .. [Hervey, Harve, .. 6 more]

.. James Caviezel, James Gandolfini, Jimmy Stewart .. [Seamus, Jimmy, Jimmie, Jimbo, Jim, Jayme, Jamison, Jameson, Jamey, Jagu, .. 18 more]

Short form of James .. [Jimson, Jimmy, Jimmee, .. 3 more]

.. Actors Jimmy Stewart, Patrick Stewart, Steward .. [Stuart, Steward]

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1. Carter - Stewart
Carter [Cartier, Cartrell], Durand [Duran, Dante, Durant, Durrant, Durante], Harvey [Herv, Harv, Herve, Harvy, Harve, Hervey, Harvie, Harvee], James [Jem, Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, Jemmy, Seamus, Jimmie, Jaymie, ..], Jim [Jimi, Jimmy, Jimson, Jimmie, Jimmey, Jimmee], Stewart [Stuart, Steward]