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Brett - Nemo

.. French painter Jules Breton; baseball players .. [Britton, Brette, Bret, .. 8 more]

From the Old French name Godefroy .. [Jul, Gyrd, Gottfried, Goffredo, Godefroy, Godefroi, Gjord, .. 7 more]

Author Jules Verne; playwright Jules Feiffer.

The captain in Jules Verne's adventure ..

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1. Brett - Nemo
Brett [Brit, Britt, Britte, Briton, Britton, Brittan, Bretton, Brittain, ..], Godfrey [Jul, Gyrd, Goraidh, Gottfrid, Goffredo, Gofaridh, Gottfried, Godofredo, ..], Jules, Nemo